What are Black Wedding Bands (Rings) Made Out Of?

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Black wedding bands have become very popular in recent years, but they’re still rarer than the traditional ring appearance. So, what are black wedding bands made out of?

Black wedding bands are made out of carbon fiber, tungsten, titanium, diamond, steel, or silicone. Black wedding rings can be made of a mixture of these metals, but are typically made of one metal type. All of these metals can have different finishes and textures, so they can be customized.

Now that you know what black wedding rings are made out of, you may be wondering about black ring meaning, why people wear them, and what black gems can be added to them.

What are Black Wedding Bands Made Out Of?

Black wedding bands are made out of tungsten, diamond, carbon fiber, titanium, steel, or silicone. These metals and materials are used to make black rings because of the strength, durability, and color of the materials. They create sturdy rings with a striking appearance.


Black wedding rings are often made out of tungsten. Tungsten, otherwise known as wolfram, is a rare metal, but it is not considered to be a precious metal so a ring that is made out of tungsten is not as expensive as gold or silver rings are. It is sometimes considered to be a cheap metal. Tungsten is a very hard metal, but it is also somewhat brittle. It is known to shatter when it is impacted, so it may not be the best metal to use for a ring if you are clumsy or work with your hands often (Source).


Black diamonds are nearly indestructible, so it would make sense that rings that are entirely made out of black diamonds would be very strong and durable. Black diamonds are known to be stronger and harder than colorless diamonds, and diamonds are one of the more durable gems on the market.

Jewelers have been known to show the strength of black diamonds by scraping them against bricks and showing that no damage has been done to the diamond. Black diamonds are hard to find in nature, so most of them are made in labs (Source).

However, black diamond rings are very expensive, and you will likely have to customize the ring, which will make it even more expensive. A black diamond wedding ring will cost $3,700 at minimum.

Carbon Fiber

Black wedding rings are often made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a great metal for wedding rings to be made out of because it is hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion, and will not rust. This means that it will last for a very long time, even if you wear it while working or while you are in the water (Source).

Black carbon fiber wedding rings are also typically cheaper than many other rings. Carbon fiber wedding rings range in price from $65 to $165, although the price will vary depending on the retailer and customizations on the ring that you choose.


Black wedding rings are often made out of titanium. While titanium is usually a grey or silver color, jewelers can coat the metal ring in a substance that makes it black. Titanium is one of the best metals to use for wedding rings because it is a very strong metal, so it will not crack, break, or bend over time.

It is also a great metal to use for wedding rings because the settings for gems don’t tend to become loose if they are made out of titanium, which means any stones you choose to add to your ring won’t fall out because the setting is loose (Source).

What are Black Wedding Bands (Rings) Made Out Of


Black wedding rings are frequently made out of steel. While steel typically is silver or grey in color, jewelers coat the ring in a substance that colors the ring black. Steel is a very strong metal, so it is a great metal to use for wedding bands because the steel ring won’t warp or bend when it is exposed to force or heat, which means you can wear the ring almost anywhere, even when you are working with your hands.

However, steel is a slightly heavier metal, so it may become annoying to wear it for a long time. Although, since wedding bands are very small compared to the human body, you likely will not notice the weight of the ring (Source).


Black wedding bands are frequently made out of silicone that has been dyed black. While wedding bands are traditionally made out of metal, many people nowadays are wearing silicone rings while they are at work or doing jobs that require hard labor. Silicone rings are flexible, durable, won’t become scratched, won’t rust, and can be worn under gloves, unlike metal wedding bands. They are also waterproof and washable.

Black silicone wedding bands are also very cheap. They range in price from $8 to $50, so you can find a black silicone wedding ring that fits your budget.

What Black Gems Can be Added to Black Wedding Bands?

Black gems can be added to black wedding bands, although it is a slightly rare practice. Any gem added to a black wedding band may be considered to be a customization by the jeweler. Customizations will increase the price of the ring, so keep that in mind.

Black gems that can be added to black wedding rings:

  • Black Onyx
  • Black Opal
  • Black Pearl
  • Black Spinel
  • Obsidian

If you would like to read about more black gems that you can add to wedding rings, click here.

Why Do People Wear Black Wedding Bands?

People wear black wedding bands because of fashion purposes, the strength of the metals used, and because of what black wedding bands symbolize.

Black wedding bands symbolize eternal love and commitment and that the love between two people is very strong. This makes a black ring perfect for a wedding band.

Black wedding bands are very fashionable because black goes with every color. A fashion-conscious person may choose to wear a black wedding band rather than a silver or gold-colored one.

Are Black Wedding Bands Popular?

Black wedding bands are very popular and have become so in recent years. Black wedding bands are considered to be non-traditional, but very fashionable. As they have become more popular, more jewelers have begun carrying black wedding bands (Source).

Now that you know what black wedding bands are made out of, it is up to you to decide whether or not a black wedding ring is best for you.

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