What are Eternity Wedding Bands: The Definitive Guide

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When looking at rings, you will frequently hear the term “eternity band.”

Eternity bands have become a popular piece in most jewelry stores. But what exactly is an eternity band, and can it be worn as a wedding band?

Eternity bands’ original use was for anniversaries or other important occasions. However, today they are commonly worn as wedding bands. Eternity Wedding Bands feature a row of stones either all the way around or halfway around the metal band. They symbolize eternal love.

Are you interested in picking an eternity band for your wedding band? Need a ring for another occasion?

Eternity bands are the perfect choice for anyone looking for some extra sparkle and a romantic piece of jewelry.

Keep reading to learn more about eternity bands and how to get one of your own!

Eternity Bands, What are they?

Eternity bands are also known as eternity rings, infinity loops, or infinity rings.

Many people use this type of ring as a romantic gift, such as an anniversary present.

Some may even give eternity bands as gifts on holidays, birthdays, engagements, or even weddings.

Some even choose to wear eternity rings as a fashion statement.

An eternity band features a setting with stones wrapping around the ring.

This loop of precious stones is associated with eternal love and commitment, making them perfect for engagements, weddings, or anniversaries.

While this type of ring was initially used for anniversaries, eternity bands are now more commonly used as wedding bands.

Although eternity rings can use any form of precious stone or gemstone, they typically feature a ring of diamonds.

The use of diamonds on an eternity ring adds to the band’s special symbolism. Diamonds symbolize romance and enduring love.

When combined with the meaning of an eternity ring, they represent eternal, enduring love.

When purchasing an eternity wedding band, ensure that the ring matches the engagement ring’s style.

Otherwise, the engagement ring and wedding band may detract from each other.

If the wedding band and engagement ring are entirely different shapes, they may even damage each other.

If you choose an eternity wedding band that looks different than your engagement ring, there is an easy solution.

You can just wear your wedding band on your left ring finger and your engagement ring on your right ring finger!

Although you could switch which hand the rings are on, tradition says to wear the wedding band on the left hand.

There are a variety of metals and stone types for your eternity band.

The type of stones and metal you use will influence the setting pattern and stone shape used.

Although favored for their extra sparkle, the main downfall of eternity rings is that they require extra care and attention.

To solve this problem while maintaining the ring’s symbolism, jewelers began designing “half-eternity” rings.

These bands feature stones that wrap only halfway around the ring.

With half the precious stones, the band requires half the care of a full eternity band.

What Do Eternity Bands Cost?

What are Eternity Wedding Bands: The Definitive Guide

Because eternity bands feature a full 360 degrees of stones, they are much more expensive than other rings.

Depending on where you purchase your eternity wedding band, the price may be much higher than in other locations.

For example, the cheapest full eternity ring from Blue Nile is $990; meanwhile, Jared sells a full eternity ring starting at just $500.

The top of the line eternity rings can cost anywhere from $7,500 (at Jared) to $35,000 (at Blue Nile).

However, this is not the most expensive eternity band available some eternity rings cost upwards of $50,000!

Reduce the cost of your eternity wedding band by reducing the number of stones used.

Although a half-eternity ring features fewer stones, it still represents eternal love.

A half eternity ring from Jared starts at just $250, saving you several hundred dollars without losing any style.

Eternity rings that do not feature diamonds will be far less expensive.

For example, Kay Jewelers sells eternity bands set with birthstones starting at just $100 or less.

The actual cost of your eternity ring will vary depending on the stones and metal used.

How to Care for Your Eternity Band

Eternity bands require frequent cleaning. Some settings will also require more attention and care than others.

Because there are stones set entirely around the ring, they are more susceptible to bumps and scrapes.

If you choose a setting with fewer, thinner prongs, you might lose stones.

A channel set eternity ring can handle most of the bumps life throws at it without losing any stones.

No matter the setting you choose, your eternity band will require frequent cleaning.

Cleaning an eternity band is not complicated.

All you need is some water, a soft brush, a microfiber rag, or some gentle glass cleaner (This is specific to diamond eternity bands. For a different type of stone, speak with your jeweler).

Soak the ring in warm water or some glass cleaner for a few minutes.

Pat the eternity ring dry with a microfiber cloth.

If you clean your eternity ring frequently, it will not require more attention than this; however, an eternity ring not cleaned recently will need a soft brush to remove dirt and grime.

Be gentle, or you may risk scratching the ring.

Eternity Band Buyer’s Guide

How to Care for Your Eternity Band

Eternity wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular.

The more popular the ring is, the more places that will sell it!

The more jewelry stores selling eternity rings, the easier it is for you to buy one!

Before purchasing your eternity band, there are a few steps you should follow.

  • Start by creating a budget for yourself. If you have yet to purchase the engagement ring, include its costs in this budget. Do not look above your budget.
  • If you have a lower budget, pay attention to clearance or discounted rings. Discount sections allow you to purchase a more expensive ring while staying within your budget’s boundaries.
  • Once you have a budget, you need to determine your preferences.
  • Start by picking the type of stone you want to use. The stone will likely be the most expensive part of the ring. After you have the stone chosen, pick a type of metal.
  • The type of metal you choose may depend on personal color preferences and your need for durability.
  • If you can not find a ring within your budget, adjust your preferences or opt for lab-grown stones to help lower the price tag.

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