What are Wedding Ring (Guard) Enhancers: The Definitive Guide

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Wedding bands are usually used as an addition to engagement rings.

Wearers have the option to have their wedding ring and engagement ring soldered together, but this might not be desirable for everyone.

As an alternative, wedding ring enhancers, also known as wedding ring guards, can be used in place of the traditional wedding band.

A wedding ring enhancer is a set of two curved rings that are placed on either side of an engagement ring. The main functions of a wedding ring enhancer are to hold the ring in place and protect the precious metal all while showcasing the beauty of the diamond or gemstone setting.

In some ways, a wedding ring enhancer is similar to a wedding band, but they serve a few more benefits compared to their traditional counterparts.

Can You Use Enhancers as Wedding Bands

A wedding band is known as a single ring that is either soldered (welded) onto an engagement ring, or it is a ceremonial ring that is worn in accompaniment to an engagement ring.

The main difference between a wedding band and a ring enhancer is that the guard is placed on either side of the ring in comparison to the one side that a wedding band covers.

To understand how a wedding enhancer looks, watch the video below.

YouTube video

As you can see from the video above, the engagement ring is placed in between the set of wedding enhancers.

Some might consider simply removing the ring from the enhancer whenever they would please, but this isn’t the best option.

When the metals of the enhancer collide with the engagement ring, then it will cause each of the rings to become scratched, damaging the rings.

In order to stop the rings from being scratched or damaged, it is best to solder the rings together.

This can be done at any jewelry shop usually for a relatively affordable price.

Since wedding ring guards are soldered onto engagement rings, they can be used as an alternative to traditional wedding bands.

Pros and Cons of Wedding Ring (Guard) Enhancers

With wedding ring guards, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of the jewelry set.


  • A wedding ring enhancement can use complementary details to make the main gemstone stand out.
  • Solitaire rings are given more strength and protection with a ring guard.
  • The main gemstone on the ring is less likely to move around with a wedding ring guard.


  • The ring enhancer is dependent on the engagement ring and cannot be worn alone.
  • If not soldered, the wedding ring enhancer can scratch the precious metal of the engagement ring,
  • If there are any carvings or intricate details on the sides of the engagement ring, the wedding ring guard will cover up those details.

Caring for Wedding Ring Enhancers

When it comes to caring for wedding ring enhancers, there are a variety of ways to care for the guards depending on the type of precious metal, gemstone, and settings.

However, there are always a few good rules of thumb when it comes to caring for and cleaning wedding ring enhancers.

It is always important to understand whether to take off the ring or to leave it on.

Wedding ring enhancers with small gemstones are prone to having their edges and settings getting caught and snagged on different items.

When performing activities such as swimming, lifting weights, or household chores, it is best to remove the wedding ring guard.

These activities might not damage the ring initially, but over time a number of snags can make gemstones fall out of their settings.

In order to prevent damage from happening, it is best to place rings in a jewelry box away from other jewelry to avoid scratches or gemstones falling out of their settings.

To clean a wedding ring enhancer, one can either take their ring to a professional jeweler or do it themselves at home.

If cleaning a wedding ring enhancer at home, it is best to create a solution of warm water with mild dish soap.

Average Cost of Wedding Ring Enhancers

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to the price of wedding ring enhancers.

They can cost anywhere from $300 to thousands and thousands of dollars.

There are more basic wedding ring guards that offer a more affordable price tag, such as a simple white gold wedding guard set with small gemstones from Zales costing $579.

Wedding guard sets with more intricate details and larger gemstones are likely to have a larger price tag in comparison to the Zales ring mentioned before.

A wedding ring enhancer by Brilliant Earth that is created specifically for crescent-shaped rings with any choice of precious metal has a price tag of $2,100.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of wedding ring enhancement sets that come with price tags for any budget.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Ring Enhancer

What are Wedding Ring (Guard) Enhancers: The Definitive Guide

When choosing a wedding ring enhancer, it is important to find one that complements the wedding ring.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you should consider whether you want a wedding band or a wedding ring guard.

In order to choose the right enhancer, it is best to look for an engagement ring and guard at the same time to ensure that the rings complement one another.

Not every ring enhancer works with just any ring. You must consider the height of the setting of the gemstone, the shape, the carat, and the precious metal of the ring.

Even though it is easier to buy an engagement ring along with a wedding ring enhancer, it is still possible to find a guard that works well with any ring.

First, you should consider the shape of the gemstone.

There are a wide variety of gemstone shapes along with several accompanying wedding guard shapes.

Be sure that the shapes work together so that the angles and curves of the wedding ring enhancer work with the shape of the gemstone.

It is also important to consider the height of the gemstone so that the rings do not clash or scratch against one another.

If the setting is low, but the wedding ring guard is thick, the rings will not fit together correctly.

Another consideration, although not as important, is deciding on the wedding guard’s material.

With precious metals, one may choose to match the color of the engagement ring, or they may choose to find a complementary color.

All in all, the possibilities really are limitless when deciding on a wedding ring enhancer.

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