What is a Trio Wedding Ring Set: All You Need to Know

Trio of gold wedding bands and diamond ring in red velvet jewelry box

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The wearing of wedding rings is popular around the world, but some people wear three wedding rings. So, what is a trio ring set?

A trio ring set is a set of 3 rings that a married woman wears on her left-hand ring finger. The 3 rings are her engagement ring, wedding band, and eternity ring. A trio wedding ring set can be purchased all at once or at different points in time. The eternity ring is often bought separately.

Now that you know a little bit about trio ring sets, you may be wondering what the trio ring set symbolizes.

What is a Trio Wedding Ring Set?

A trio wedding set is a set of 3 rings that a married woman wears.

Married women typically wear all 3 of the rings on their left-hand ring finger, but if one of the rings does not match the other rings, then she may wear one of the rings on her right-hand ring finger.

Some wedding ring retailers refer to a trio ring set as a set of rings that both the bride and groom wear.

They consider a trio wedding ring set to be the woman’s wedding ring and engagement ring, as well as the man’s wedding band.

This type of set is typically purchased all at once because they want all of the rings to match.

However, the set of rings that are worn by both the man and the woman getting married is not considered to be a trio wedding ring set.

This is because a trio wedding ring set is only worn by the woman, not the man.

All of the rings in a trio wedding ring set are supposed to be worn by the same person, not by two separate people who are married.

A trio wedding ring set is worn by the woman with the engagement ring in the middle of all the rings.

The wedding band is typically worn lowest on the finger because it is meant to be closest to the woman’s heart.

Then, the engagement is worn. Following the placement of the engagement ring comes the third ring. The third ring is often referred to as the eternity ring (Source).

Sometimes, women choose to wear their engagement ring as the lowest ring on their finger, meaning that this ring is the closest one to their heart, with the other two rings following.

The arrangement of the three rings can change depending on the preferences of the woman who will be wearing them.

However, what the rings symbolize stays the same even when their placement changes.

The rings in the trio wedding ring set can match perfectly if you choose to purchase them all at once in a set, or if you purchase rings that match each other separately.

Most of the time the engagement rings and wedding bands are bought together as a set because it is often cheaper to purchase them in a set rather than separately.

However, the eternity ring is frequently purchased at a later date than the engagement ring and wedding band, so it will not match the other rings unless the person who purchases it tries to match it to the other rings.

Luckily, this is very easy to do. All you have to do is make sure that the eternity ring is made out of the same metal and has the same type of gems that the engagement ring and wedding band have.

All of the three rings are typically worn on the same finger, the left-hand ring finger.

However, sometimes people choose to wear one of the rings on their right-hand ring finger if the ring does not match the others.

What is a Trio Wedding Ring Set?

What Does a Trio Wedding Ring Set Symbolize?

The trio wedding ring set symbolizes the lifelong commitment that two people made to each other when they married each other.

All of the separate rings have different meanings.

The engagement ring symbolizes dedication, love, and commitment for another person.

The wedding band symbolizes the commitment that two people have made to each other and is considered to be an indication of the unity that two people have.

This is why both the bride and the groom wear wedding bands, while the woman is typically the only person to wear an engagement ring.

The third ring, the eternity ring, symbolizes eternal love and means that your significant other will love you and be married to you for eternity.

It is typically given at a later date than the wedding ring and engagement ring because the eternity ring is typically given as a reminder or reinforcement of a person’s commitment and love to the other.

Why Do People Wear a Trio Wedding Ring Set?

People wear a trio ring set because they choose to and because all of the rings mean something important to the person who wears them.

People wear trio ring sets because they choose to.

Many people do not choose to wear three rings initially after getting married.

Instead, the eternity ring is typically given as a gift a few years into the marriage.

Cost of Trio Wedding Ring Sets

Trio wedding ring sets cost a lot of money to purchase, but you can find some great deals through online retailers or your local jewelry store.

Trio wedding ring sets typically cost between $350 to $1,100, although they can become more expensive if customizations are added, or if extra gems are added to one or more of the rings.

Often, you can save some money if you purchase the trio wedding rings as a set, although you do not have to if you ensure that all of the rings are made of the same types of metal and have the same types of gems set into the rings.

Cost of Trio Wedding Ring Sets

Where Can I Purchase a Trio Wedding Ring Set?

You can purchase a trio wedding ring set online through many online retailers or at your local jewelry store.

The amount of customization that is available for you to add may vary, especially if you purchase the rings online.

Now that you know some information about trio wedding ring sets, it is up to you whether or not this type of set is right for you or your significant other.

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