What to do With Parents’ Wedding Bands (6 Great Ideas)

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It’s definitely a tough time in life when your parents pass away, but you will have one thing to remember them by, their wedding rings!

If you are not quite sure what to do with those beloved keepsakes, here are a few ideas you could consider!

If you are wondering what to do with your parents’ wedding bands, you can try a few things such as making them into a necklace or pendant. Other people also bury their parents with their wedding rings as a final symbol of love and honor. What happens to the rings is really up to you.

Still, looking for inspiration? Here are a few more ways you can honor your parents’ memory by preserving their wedding bands.

What to Make With Your Parents’ Wedding Bands

As mentioned above, it is quite common for people to make something out of their parents’ wedding bands when they have passed on.

These are some common practices you might want to know about.

Joining Parents’ Wedding Bands

Many people have their parents’ wedding bands altered and made into something a bit different, such as a pendant.

If you were to join your parents’ wedding bands, you could easily have them made into a sweet, sentimental keepsake with which to remember your beloved guardians.

I have heard many accounts of people having their parents’ wedding rings made into necklaces, pendants, and other forms of jewelry.

The combined rings make it easy to remember both mom and dad in a beautiful way.

Some people choose to frame or memorialize their loved one’s wedding band, but you can also just wear it as it is.

This is an especially popular practice among widows and widowers who would prefer to keep the memory of their spouse alive just by continuing to wear their wedding band.

It is common to move the ring to your right hand when you do this.

Double Ring Necklace

What to do With Parents' Wedding Bands

The double ring necklace is an especially popular option.

Instead of having your parents’ wedding rings melted down and made into something else completely, you can simply have them put on a chain.

Keeping them in this simple, pure form is also a beautiful way to memorialize something so special.

You can also, of course, have a more fashionable necklace made with both of the rings.

One such company called the Jewelry Doctors in Lewisville, Kentucky did so with a man and woman’s wedding bands by making them into a pendant-style necklace.

This is a great option that is not only eye-catching but reminiscent as well!

Keep in mind, however, that while this option might be fun for daughters, it might not be as meaningful for the sons.

If there are multiple kids involved, you might want to try another way.

Burying the Bands

It might be possible that the wedding bands were not left to any specific beneficiaries.

In this instance, many people choose to bury the wedding bands with their parents since that is the simplest solution.

This is probably one of the most obvious things to do if you are unsure.

Don’t worry though, burying a wedding ring can still be sentimental! Just think of it as though you are laying it to rest with your loved one.

A ceremonial and sentimental goodbye in a different form is also a popular choice.

You can choose to say farewell to a treasure such as a wedding ring in any way that is significant to you.

One of these things might include tossing the ring(s) into a river, tying it to a balloon, burying it in a significant place on a significant date, or anything similar.

As long as it is meaningful to you and will bring you peace, go for it.

Donating the Ring(s)

If you are of a generous and giving nature, you could also donate said wedding bands to a good cause.

This could be your way of both giving back and honoring the memory of your parents.

If you feel this is something they would want/be happy with, go for it by all means!

Just keep in mind that you will no longer have control over where the ring ends up and what happens to it.

Since this can be conflicting and heart-wrenching for some people, it might just be easier to keep it put away in a safe place.

However, if you feel you can be at peace with the decision, then go for it by all means!

From Generation to Generation: Heirloom Rings

From Generation to Generation: Heirloom Rings

Another thing you could do is pass the wedding ring(s) right down the family lines.

If you have been so fortunate as to have your parents’ wedding bands left to you, you could preserve their legacy by giving it to your children and their children and so on.

This is probably one of the best ways to preserve your family’s legacy.

The rings that are passed down will gain many stories from generation to generation!

If this is the choice you end up making, your best bet will be to put the wedding rings away for safekeeping until that special day comes when you can pass it on to one of your kids.

Making your parents’ wedding rings an heirloom is a great way to honor their memories!

Plus, you don’t even have to worry about the fit. Most wedding rings can be resized.

Putting it Away

Because inheriting your parents’ wedding bands is always a bittersweet experience, sometimes the best thing to do is keep the rings somewhere safe and secure.

It is hard to let go and sometimes it’s even harder to remember.

For that reason, if you feel it would help, you can put your parents’ rings in a significant place in your home where you know they will be safe.

If you are particularly worried about the ring(s) getting lost, damaged, or stolen, you could even think about putting it in a safety deposit box.

There it will be undoubtedly secure, plus you will be able to access it whenever you want and feel the need to.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no set timeframe for any of these options.

You should do with your parents’ wedding bands what feels best when it feels best.

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