What Wedding Bands Go Best with 3 Stone Rings (Including Pairing Tips)

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Finding the type of wedding band that best complements your three-stone engagement ring can be difficult.

From the type of metal you want to the specific set of the band, you are left with so many options to choose from.

The wedding band that goes best with a three-stone engagement ring is determined by the engagement ring itself. Contoured, pave, and eternity bands are all options for pairing. The colors of the stones in an engagement ring and the metal it is made from will also factor into this decision.

We’ll discuss what the different types of wedding bands are and how they might work the best with your engagement ring.

The type of three-stone engagement ring that you have is the most important factor in deciding what wedding band you choose.

Engagement Ring Specifications

Every ring is built with a set of specifications. These include the size and cut of the gemstone and the width of the wedding band.

It is important to be conscious of this when you start to look for your matching wedding band.

A three-stone engagement ring will showcase the center gemstone. The two to the left and right will be the same size and cut.

This means that you’ll have two different specifications that you’ll need to look at when it comes to your gemstones.

The specifications of your gemstones will also include the cut, whether they are cut in the shape of an oval, pear, square, octagon, heart, triangle, or round shape.

Once you’ve determined the specifications of the stones, you’ll want to consider the width of your engagement ring band.

If it is fairly wide, you probably want to find a wedding band that is thinner to complement and balance the size of the engagement ring.

If your engagement ring is thin, it is also better to go with a thinner wedding band.

Having a thick band is going to draw attention away from the precious stones on your engagement ring.

Pave Bands

Pave bands tend to be thinner. The surface of the band is set with tiny diamonds that are flush against each other.

This helps to create the illusion that your band is made from diamonds and not metal.

As you’ll notice in the next section, a pave band mimics an eternity band.

The main difference is that the pave band does not have diamonds going around the entire ring.

Because of this, the pave band is typically made with a white metal because it helps to continue that illusion.

When you wear it next to your engagement ring, your band will sit next to the stones.

Generally speaking, this makes it more difficult for the rings to sit flush with each other because the contour of the pave band is straight.

If your middle stone is cut in a square or diamond shape this will make it especially hard for the rings to be flush against each other.

However, this pairing would look very nice together. It allows the gemstone to be the center of attention. The spacing creates a natural look for these more rigid shapes.

The best pairing for a pave wedding band, if you wanted the rings to be flush, would be an engagement ring that is circular in shape.

These are the best pairings because it is more likely that your wedding band can fit flush against your engagement ring.

If you really enjoy the style of pave bands, you can have it custom-made, but it can be much more expensive.

The cost of pave bands ranges from $600-$750. This range accounts for the size of the diamonds and the type of metal that you choose.

If you choose to have larger diamonds set in your wedding band, the cost of your pave wedding band is going to be more expensive.

Eternity Bands

What Wedding Bands Go Best with 3 Stone Rings

An eternity band is similar to a pave band because the small stones are flush with each other.

However, the difference is that the stones are set in a continuous ring.

There are options to do an eternity pave wedding band if you like that delicate look.

One of the nice things about eternity bands is the versatility that it has.

You can have your wedding band set with diamonds that are cut in a rectangular shape. This does create a much wider band, which can offset your engagement ring.

Like pave wedding bands, eternity bands go nicely with the gemstones that are cut in a more rigid shape.

It creates a nice accent to the engagement ring, without detracting from the beauty it has.

An eternity band can be paired with a more circular or irregular shape and still look nice.

It definitely depends on what you find the most attractive.

Bezel Set Diamond Bands

Another option with eternity bands is to have the stones in a bezel setting.

Most stones are set with prongs, which does increase the risk of the stones becoming loose or becoming damaged.

Having your stones set in a bezel setting means that the stones have the precious metal wrapped around them directly.

This eliminates the need for the stone to be set with prongs. It also keeps the stones from getting chipped or from getting loose.

However, because of its unique look, it can be more difficult to pair a bezel set band with your engagement ring.

It is a type of ring that is a much more acquired taste.

This type of wedding band could look nice with an engagement ring that cushions the gemstones. The set diamonds act as an accent to the bigger gemstones.

Because it requires a lot of expertise, this setting is a lot more expensive. And, your options for the gemstones you want to be set this way are very limited as well.

The cost of a bezel-set diamond band begins at a low of $900 and continues to climb. These wedding bands can cost up to $2,000.

This accounts for the level of expertise required to enclose the gemstones properly into the metal.

Channel Bands

Channel bands are a type of eternity band.

They have a smooth edge of metal running along the borders of the ring, lessening the chance of abrasion.

They have a more traditional feel because the stones are encased in the metal edge.

Other eternity bands tend to have the stones set in the prongs holding them.

These facings are soldered together creating that unique pattern. This is the most popular option because it is comfortable and helps to protect the stones for longer.

A channel wedding band is slightly less expensive than a bezel set band, but it is still pricey.

The range is from $800-$1000. This is due to the number of diamonds being set all around the ring.

Contoured Bands

Contoured bands are the most popular wedding band because it allows for the rings to be flush with one another.

It has a similar straight design in the back, but it comes down to a point where gemstones would typically be placed.

There are still small diamonds set into the contoured band giving it that elevated look.

Because of the contoured design, most gemstone cuts will fit well with this design.

For a stone that is cut in a marquise (diamond-like) shape, a contoured wedding band would fit this nicely.

A contoured wedding band would also work really well with a pear-shaped gemstone.

Anything that has a more irregular or curved shape will fit most nicely with the contoured wedding band.

The contoured wedding band allows the gemstones to really stand out while still adding to the overall look of your wedding set.

However, there are a few shapes that would not look as nice with a contoured band.

Shapes that are more square or rectangular in nature would not fit as naturally with this band.

In this case, a pave or eternity band would be most suited for these engagement rings. This helps the stone from looking out of place with the contour of the wedding band.

The average cost for a contoured band is from $600-$900.


Along with the type of band that you want, it is important to consider what type of precious metal you want.

This comes down to your sense of style and preference.

If you want your set to look as if it came as a set, you’ll want to have the same precious metal as your engagement ring.

However, if you like having a look that is unique to you, perhaps having a band that is yellow or rose gold will be the best option.

You’ll also want to consider the cost of these metals and if it is worth the price.

Although platinum is a beautiful metal on wedding bands, it is also one of the most expensive precious metals to use.

A platinum band is going to start at $800 and will continue to climb in price.

The types of gemstones that you choose will also add to this price. If you choose to have bigger diamonds, the cost could be up to $2000.

Gold is the next most expensive, with silver being one of the less expensive precious metals. These metals can all be mixed to form alloys, so it is another option to consider.

Another important thing to take into consideration is what stones you have set in your engagement ring.

If you have a three-stone diamond engagement ring that has a gold band, gold would be the best color for your wedding band.

This helps to continue that sense of uniformity.

Conversely, If you have a three-stone diamond engagement ring with a silver band, you will want to choose a wedding band that is also silver.

Typically, you want to find a band that will allow you to have a smooth combination of rings.



If you have a three-stone engagement ring with colored gemstones, your engagement ring is likely to be silver or white gold.

This allows the color of the gemstones to stand out and capture that attention.

You can have the bands in gold, but it is important to be aware of what colors the gold will enhance.

Sapphire, opal, emerald, and diamond gemstones are all complemented with a gold band.

However, a ruby gemstone does not look as vibrant on a gold band as it does on a silver band.

Silver bands are such a popular choice because they help the gemstones you have to pop.

The color is attractive and eye-catching. When you are choosing a wedding band, you want to make sure that whatever color you choose continues to make your gemstone stand out.

Most of your wedding bands are going to be set with diamonds. These will act as an accent to your main gemstone.

The Perfect Wedding Band

It is important that the engagement ring and the wedding band form a set. So, which is the best wedding band for your engagement ring?

The one that you feel enhances your ring the best, and the one that fits your style.

There are jewelry companies such as James Allen or Blue Nile that do create sets for three-stone engagement rings.

However, if you don’t want to spend that amount of money on finding a set that fits nicely together, you can still find something that will still showcase your style and your ring.

This is why it can be so difficult to find a wedding band that creates that perfect look; there are so many factors to consider.

However, finding the perfect set is something that you want to see every day, so it is important to know what to look for.

Even simple things like the type of metal you choose can make a huge impact on the way your special set will look.

So, the look that is the best is the one that best fits you.

And although we may not like to admit it, the rings that are in our price range do have a huge impact on what we end up buying.

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