Why Are Silicone Wedding Rings So Popular? (Answered)

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A popular trend in both the wedding ring industry and in society is the use of silicone rings.

These rings have become extremely popular practically overnight. But what makes silicone wedding rings so popular?

Silicone wedding rings are popular for many reasons. They are far less expensive and far more durable than traditional metal wedding rings. Because silicone is not conductive, people of all industries can wear these rings. Essentially, silicone rings are more functional in today’s society. 

No matter what type of wedding ring you purchase, it is a big decision. Before buying a silicone wedding ring, you should understand how it differs from a traditional wedding ring.

Below you will learn more about silicone wedding rings and whether or not they are better than metal rings.

Silicone Wedding Rings: What Are They?

Simply put, silicone wedding rings are wedding rings made out of silicone. But you already knew that much.

Silicone wedding rings exist thanks to a man named Cameron Bair.

After replacing his gold wedding band several times, Cameron realized he needed a wedding ring that could last as long as his relationship.

Unfortunately, his active lifestyle was rough on his traditional metal wedding band, and he frequently needed to replace it.

Cameron’s creation of the silicone wedding ring is SafeRingz’s company story. As silicone rings become more popular, more companies selling them began to open up.

Silicone wedding rings are made out of rubber and are therefore very durable.

Exposure to heat, water, and rough surfaces will not damage your silicone wedding ring.

Additionally, if a silicone wedding ring does happen to break or wear out, they are inexpensive and can easily be replaced.

Silicone rings are popular, especially among laborers or those who work in extreme situations.

These positions may include firefighters, welders, electricians, heavy machine operators, and many more.

Why are silicone rings popular among these people? Because they aren’t metal!

Electricians, welders, and firefighters prefer silicone rings because they are non-conductive and do not absorb heat.

Wearing a metal ring while working in one of these job positions poses a danger to the worker.

Silicone wedding rings remove the threat and allow these workers to show their love for their spouses while at work.

Others who may enjoy silicone rings are athletes or otherwise active individuals. No matter what sport you play or adventure you take, a silicone ring can keep up.

You can even wear a silicone ring to the gym without the risk of scratching it on the equipment.

Silicone rings are also popular among military members. Military members work in extreme circumstances where a metal ring could be dangerous.

If placed under pressure, a metal ring could bend and crush the finger. Because silicone rings are made from a more flexible material, they break away under pressure, making them a much safer choice.

As you can see, silicone rings are growing in popularity because they are much more than just wedding bands.

They are safe, comfortable, and easily replaceable.

Many choose to wear them as promise rings, engagement rings, or just as a fashion statement.

Silicone Rings vs. Metal Rings: Which is Better?

Why Are Silicone Wedding Rings So Popular?

Now that we know the basics of silicone wedding rings and why they are so popular, we can dive more into detail and compare them to metal wedding rings.

The best part of silicone rings is the price. A plain metal wedding band usually costs between $300 and $500.

Meanwhile, a silicone wedding ring comparable in looks costs between $20 and $40. By purchasing a silicone wedding ring, you could save about $400!

These savings do not include cleaning and maintenance costs either.

While a metal wedding ring requires frequent cleaning and occasional maintenance, a silicone wedding ring does not.

A silicone ring can be cleaned with soap and water and will not require any special maintenance.

While a metal ring scratches and dents easily, silicone rings worn in extreme circumstances do not get scratched.

Depending on the type of metal ring, exposure to water may damage it. Meanwhile, exposure to water will not damage silicone rings.

Another way silicone rings differ from metal rings is that you can wear them while cleaning.

Contact with cleaning chemicals will tarnish or otherwise damage metal rings; meanwhile, silicone rings are highly chemical resistant.

Being able to withstand chemicals makes silicone rings the perfect choice for hard-working people.

Because metal rings are so expensive, they are a pain to replace when lost or broken. If you lose or break your silicone ring, you can easily replace it.

You can even purchase silicone rings in packs of multiples. These variety packages allow you to change up the look of your ring from time to time.

Another benefit of silicone rings’ low price tag is that they are not a target for thieves.

Whereas someone would steal a diamond ring that was left out, a silicone ring often goes unnoticed.

Just because your silicone ring may go unnoticed by thieves does not mean it will go unnoticed by everyone.

Silicone rings can be just as stylish as traditional metal rings.

Some even have gems or precious stones on them (this will negate some of the non-conductive properties).

If you prefer a wedding ring with a little more shine to it, look for a silicone ring with a gloss finish!

Not sure if you are ready to trade in your metal ring for a silicone ring? No problem!

Many choose to wear both their silicone wedding ring and their metal wedding ring.

Wear your metal wedding ring to formal or social occasions; meanwhile, the silicone ring can be worn to the gym, on a hike, while at work, and any other event.

Rather than wearing their silicone wedding ring all the time, some people like to use it as a filler ring.

Wearing a silicone ring as a filler wedding ring can also save you money on your metal wedding ring.

The less you wear your metal wedding ring, the less cleaning and maintenance it will need.

A substitute silicone ring allows you to show your commitment at all times while still maintaining the opportunity to wear a little sparkle once in a while.

From this perspective, silicone rings are not necessarily better than metal rings. They are perfect complements for each other.

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