Why Do People Wear Wedding Ring On Necklace? (Explained)

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People may wear their wedding ring on a necklace because their day-to-day activities are too messy. Cleaning, heavy lifting, or water-related jobs can cause the ring to get damaged or lost while working. Therefore, people prefer to wear their ring on a necklace to prevent anything from happening to it.

There are a couple of other reasons people may wear their wedding ring on a necklace instead of their finger.

We’ll go over them below and maybe you’ll decide to wear your ring around your neck as well.

Wearing Wedding Ring on Necklace (Meaning)

So, let’s talk about why some people choose to forgo their fingers altogether and choose to wear their wedding rings on a chain around their neck:

Messy Work

Many people choose the necklace option because their jobs are too messy for normal wedding rings.

“My own husband does not wear his ring to work. Currently, he works with food and doesn’t want to get it oily or covered in food.

So he leaves it in his pocket during the workday.

I always take my ring off when I wash my hands or do the dishes. I also take it off for my cleaning job. We do this to keep our rings clean and in the best condition. possible.”

Some people also may not be allowed to wear rings in their line of work.

Some rings are made with conductive metals, which could cause problems if you work with electricity.

Anything that is heavy-duty work can damage a ring, possibly permanently! A necklace is a way to keep the ring safe.

Many other couples do the same thing for similar reasons. It’s nice to have your ring nearby but protect it from the messy business of life.

Putting your ring(s) on a necklace is a great way to keep it safe and secure. People can either wear a necklace over or under their clothes.

Both have benefits, but keeping a ring under your shirt would prevent it from swinging out and getting caught on things.

Why Do People Wear Wedding Ring On a Necklace?


One of the many difficulties that appear in old age is arthritis.

Arthritis prevents your fingers from moving as well as they once did. They tend to swell up a bit and become painful to move.

When your fingers swell, your wedding band can get too tight. It may become extra difficult to take on and off as well.

It can also hurt to leave it on when you have arthritis. So, some elderly couples keep their ring on a necklace instead.

Then, it doesn’t add to the pain in their hands and they don’t have to worry about taking it on and off anymore.

Physical Changes

Unfortunately, when you get pregnant, your fingers may swell a bit.

This makes it difficult to take the ring on and off and it may even become painful to keep it on.

With kids on the way or some already in your life, keeping your ring on a necklace and tucked in your shirt may be the best option.

Kids are chaotic and are great at creating messes on everything and everywhere.

Keeping your ring around your neck and tucked in your shirt can protect it from food, spit-up, spilled ingredients, etc.

For those who are getting married, get ready for the marriage 15. This is a term for the 15 pounds that many people gain after getting married and settling into domestic life.

Of course, your ring will still fit after this, but whatever your lifestyle, gaining or losing weight can make it hard to keep the ring on.

Your fingers may be too big for the original size and it may be too hard or expensive to resize the ring.

Keeping it around your neck is a good alternative so you don’t hurt your fingers.


Unfortunately, someone who wears their ring around their neck may use it as a way to honor a lost loved one.

Widows may wear the ring to show their commitment to their loved one who has passed on.

Younger widows may wear the wedding ring of their would-be husband or wife. It is also a way to hold onto a piece of your loved one a little longer.

What Does It Mean To Wear Your Wedding Ring On A Necklace?

However you wear your ring, it is a sign of commitment.

In all the instances people would wear their wedding band on a necklace instead of on their hand it is because they still want to show their commitment to their spouse.

It is also a way to show you’re together and love each other very much.

This whole idea for keeping the wedding band on a necklace started from promise rings.

Promise rings are what couples usually give one another to show their commitment to one another despite not being married or engaged yet.

It is a pre-engagement ring and is often worn around the neck.

Usually, a woman would wear her boyfriend’s ring around her neck to show she is going to marry him later in life.

This is often done for long-distance relationships because they cannot be near one another.

Another tradition between friends and family is to wear a matching set of rings around your neck to show your commitment and love.

Friends can buy a matching set of rings to show that they’re best friends.

Families may get many rings to show they love each member or to hold onto while a family member travels far away for the military, work, or missionary service.

What Does It Mean When You Wear a Ring as a Necklace?

Is It Weird to Wear Your Wedding Ring on a Necklace?

Whatever the case may be, a ring hanging on a necklace is a symbol of love and commitment for your loved ones.

It shows your devotion to them.

If you see someone wearing a ring around their neck, you may want to ask them about why they wear it that way.

It’s possible you could learn more about them and hear their story.

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