What are the Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry?

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Gold has always symbolized wealth and power, but what does gold symbolize for you? Many people believe that jewelry has special significance to different star signs and zodiacs.

For instance, if you’re a Pisces, is gold encouraged? What about Scorpios? Which finger is the best?

Some of the biggest benefits of wearing gold rings or jewelry, in astrological tradition, are gaining an increase of divine consciousness, preventing black energy or negative vibes from entering your life, and developing your personal capacity to receive spiritual healing.

Depending on who you are and when you were born, gold rings, pendants, and necklaces could bring you prosperity.

Rumor has it, these items and more can bring health and wellness, or maybe even fame.

Below we’ll talk about the historical and astrological significance of gold.

Gold and Your Astrological Sign

After all this, we see that gold can deliver on good fortune but something else to note is your compatibility with it.

Though it has its charms, depending on the sign, gold may not be so lucky.

Wear gold as often as possible:

  • Sagittarius
  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • Leo

Mixed results with gold:

  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Gold known to cause trouble:

  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Aquarius

Do NOT wear gold:

  • Libra
  • Capricorn

What are the Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry?

History of Gold

Almost since the dawn of time, gold has been considered the “prized jewel”, the rare and sought-out hot commodity.

Even way back in ancient times, gold jewelry of any kind was put on a pedestal, standing out as a symbol of both social status and luxury.

One of the earliest civilizations to begin wearing the mineral was the Egyptians.

Other than using it to beautify temples and adorn headpieces, these people were the first to use it monetarily.

Marking gold at the top of the coin trade, the Egyptians made a point to say that this was a valuable material.

The Greeks were next, using gold to separate the VIPs from the peasants, the immortals from the mortals.

In stories told of the Olympians, all the gods wore fine silks and gold from head to toe.

Yet again, gold follows the prosperous and attaches itself to those of power.

The question remains though: is it because those in power can collect the gold, or does wearing the gold give those who possess it their power?

Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry

From wealth to health and fame to fortune, gold is rumored to help out its wearers.

Here are some of the top perks:

Spiritual Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry

  • Prevention and protection from black/evil energies
  • Divine consciousness
  • Spiritual healing
  • Opens up third-eye and heart chakras

It is said that wearing gold (rings specifically) activates a spiritual power within that can emit good energies to cancel out the bad, or keep them at bay.

This will lead to a better connection to nature and God, allowing a clearer pathway from chakra to chakra (focal points in the body that center on spiritual awakening and flow).

With fewer spiritual obstacles in the way, one can better communicate between chakras, creating a flow and stronger, healthier communication between head, spirit, and heart.

Health Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry

  • Better blood flow
  • Fast healing
  • Helps with indigestion
  • Alleviates mental stress
  • Calms aches
  • Rids one of respiratory issues
  • Regulation of body temperature

Gold and Your Astrological Sign

Gold is believed to be a pro-absorber, taking in heat and energy and using it for good.

Like gold is able to radiate good energy, it is also able to radiate warmth.

Because of this, the gold necklace or gold ring you are wearing can help keep body temps at a good place and improve circulation.

The heat variant also allows for ache relief, bringing good energies to areas of the body that are in need of more attention.

Lifestyle Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry

  • Attracts prestige and good-standing
  • Calls for marital bliss
  • Increases positivity and happiness
  • Good luck

Gold is commonly associated with power and stability because it can be linked to the planets.

Powerful forces of nature, a gold-wearer can attain spiritual strengths with the planet’s help, unlocking prosperity.

The planets affiliated most with gold are either the Sun or Jupiter.

Both some of the most powerful out there (Jupiter being the sign for Zeus), the Sun, and Jupiter are said to be the main sources for that borrowed potential and celestial confidence.

Rules of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry

Though gold and jewelry can be beautiful and beneficial, there lie a few caveats.

For instance: Be wary of wearing gold below the waist.

This is because gold is closely linked to the Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, love, joy, and prosperity), wearing gold on anything below the hipline is a sign of disrespect.

Wearing gold in this fashion (on an ankle, or waist) is tempting the goddess to burden you with bad luck rather than blessing you with good favor.

Another thing, do not wear gold if you are pregnant.

This is because of the heat absorption ability of gold, those who are expecting are discouraged from wearing anything resembling this metal. It could potentially cause harm.

People who work in any area near iron or other metals are also encouraged to stop wearing gold, as this can cause disarray and break harmonies between energies.

Those with a short temper and those who face abdominal pain are not to wear gold either.

Where to Wear a Gold Ring or Jewelry?

As mentioned before, anything below the waist is a no-go.

Besides that, many people believe that the head should also be avoided at all costs.

Though we think of crowns and elaborate headpieces with gold leaf and more, wearing gold on or even around the head (earrings included) is not good and may cause sleeping problems.

Now that we know where not to wear it, here are a few places to wear gold that can be helpful:

  • Index finger: wear gold on this finger for better concentration and focus
  • Middle finger: wear gold on this finger for better chances at attaining fame
  • Ring finger: wear gold on this finger for better divine connection
  • Pinky finger: wear gold on this finger for better breathing, alleviating asthmatic attacks

*Women are recommended to wear gold on the left hand, and men on the right.

Other than rings, for marital balance and prosperity, women should wear gold chain necklaces.

Though it is not detailed, it is rumored to help with opening the heart chakras and clearing connections with a partner.

A gold pendant will also do the trick.

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