Cobalt Chrome Rings: The Complete Guide

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A new product in the jewelry industry is cobalt chrome rings. These rings have many wondering what qualities they offer and how they compare with other metal rings.

Cobalt Chrome rings are an excellent alternative to white gold rings. The shine of a Cobalt Chrome ring is nearly identical to that of white gold. Cobalt Chrome is much stronger than gold and titanium but lighter than both metals. These rings are popular among men for their durability.

Cobalt Chrome rings are a breakthrough in the world of men’s and women’s jewelry. Learn more about these rings and why you should purchase one below!

Cobalt Chrome Rings: What are They?

Cobalt has been of use for nearly 3,000 years. The use of cobalt traces back to Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptians valued cobalt for its bright blue colors. The predominant use for this element was to color glass and ceramic pieces. This practice continues today among ceramists and potters.

The name cobalt derives from both the German and Greek words for the substance.

In Germany, they referred to the substance as kobold, which translates to goblin or evil spirit.

At the front of German cobalt mines sat a blue garden gnome, personifying the word’s meaning.

Meanwhile, the Greeks referred to this substance as cobalos, which means mine. Together, these two words formed the word cobalt.

Scientists recognized cobalt as an element in the early 1700s.

Pure cobalt has a density of 8.86 g/cc and has very magnetic properties.

In the early 1900s, scientists fused cobalt with chromium, and an industry was born. The cobalt-chromium alloy was resilient yet lightweight.

Additionally, cobalt-chromium had lost its magnetic properties and was hypoallergenic.

These properties made it the perfect choice for dental implants and joint replacements.

Part of wind turbines and jet engines use cobalt-chromium for its durability and heat resistance.

But you are not here looking for a dental implant or a jet engine. You are looking for a ring!

Cobalt Chrome alloys use a variety of different metals. These metals include carbon, iron, silicon, and even tungsten.

Combining these metals creates an extremely durable ring. Some companies may use nickel in their Cobalt Chrome alloy; however, avoid these rings.

Nickel is not a hypoallergenic metal and will weaken the durable properties of the ring.

Cobalt Chrome rings are a white silver color and are very shiny. For these reasons, cobalt chrome compares to white gold or platinum rings.

Although cobalt chrome may look like white gold, it does not have the same properties. Gold is the most malleable metal and therefore is easily damaged.

Cobalt chrome, on the other hand, is highly scratch and dent-resistant.

Cobalt Chrome rings are also much lighter than those made from tungsten. However, tungsten will be more scratch-resistant.

Under pressure, cobalt chrome rings do not crack or shatter as other metal rings would.

Unfortunately, the hardness of cobalt chrome rings makes them arduous to resize. However, some companies may offer exchanges.

The extreme durability of cobalt chrome rings means they do not require much care. Wear your cobalt chrome in almost any circumstance.

However, certain professions should not wear these rings. These professions include electricians, welders, or other jobs where a metal ring would not be safe.

Cobalt chrome rings are conductive and can therefore be dangerous.

While cobalt chrome rings are popular among men, there are cobalt rings designed for women as well.

Cobalt Chrome Rings: Pros & Cons

Cobalt chrome rings have many desirable qualities for both men’s and women’s rings.

Because cobalt chrome is so durable, it reduces the need for maintenance and replacements.

Additionally, while wearing a cobalt chrome ring, you do not have to worry about accidentally scratching or denting it.

Another benefit of wearing a cobalt chrome ring is that they provide the high-class look of gold for a lower price.

A cobalt chrome ring will even be lighter than a gold ring.

For those with metal allergies, a cobalt chrome ring is an excellent choice.

The hypoallergenic qualities of the ring mean anyone can wear it without experiencing discomfort.

A negative to cobalt chrome rings is that they are almost too durable. In the event of an emergency, cutting a cobalt chrome ring can be difficult.

While it is not impossible to cut a cobalt chrome ring in an emergency, it will take longer than it would for a gold or silver ring.

Additionally, the durability renders these rings arduous to resize but not impossible to do so.

If your fingers change size over time, you may have to purchase a new cobalt chrome ring for proper fit.

Other than these few cons, cobalt chrome rings are an excellent choice of ring.

Cost of Cobalt Chrome Rings

Cobalt chrome rings are inexpensive as far as metal rings are concerned.

You can purchase a cobalt chrome ring for as little as $20. This ring will feature little to no design and may not include purchase benefits.

However, in general, cobalt chrome rings cost between $250 to nearly $3,000! Compared to the price of gold or other metal rings, cobalt chrome rings are several hundred dollars cheaper.

Currently, cobalt chrome rings are more expensive than rings made from tungsten or titanium. As cobalt chrome rings become more popular, the price will likely drop.

For now, they are still cheaper than traditional metal rings.

How to Care for a Cobalt Chrome Ring

As mentioned earlier, cobalt chrome rings do not require much care or maintenance.

Cobalt chrome rings do have high corrosion resistance, which means you can wear your ring while using household cleaning chemicals.

Exposing gold or silver rings to chemicals can damage the finish.

Cleaning a cobalt chrome ring is quite simple. All you need is some mild soap, some water, and a soft cloth.

Do not use just any fabric to clean your cobalt chrome ring.

While cobalt chrome rings are durable and scratch-resistant, they still have the potential to scratch.

After cleaning your cobalt chrome ring, pat it dry and wear it again!

A cobalt chrome ring will not require frequent cleanings to maintain its luster. Clean your ring when it is looking dull or after exposure to chemicals.

If your cobalt chrome ring lacks the shine it once had or has been scratched, take it to a professional jeweler.

They should be able to buff it and restore its original sparkle.

If your ring features a brushed look, do not get it buffed. Buffing a brushed section will remove the texture from the ring.

The removal of the pattern may be difficult to correct.

If the bushed section of your wedding ring wears off or buffs out, take it to a jeweler experienced with cobalt chrome rings, they can restore the look of this ring.

Cobalt Chrome Ring Buyer’s Guide

Because cobalt chrome rings are not a commonplace item, purchasing one may seem a bit frightening.

No need to fear! We have compiled the complete buyer’s guide to help you find a cobalt chrome ring of your own.

Before looking at cobalt chrome rings, you need to verify your ring size.

Go to your local jeweler in the late afternoon to have your finger sized. After a week or two, go back to this same jeweler and have it sized again.

Visit the jeweler in the afternoon because your fingers swell more then than at the beginning of the day.

If you measure your ring size in the morning, your fingers will be smaller. Purchasing this ring size may result in one getting stuck on your finger.

It is pertinent to get sized multiple times when purchasing a cobalt chrome ring.

Because resizing cobalt chrome rings is strenuous, you want to get the correct size the first time.

The next step is to research your jeweler. Visit or call multiple jewelers to learn what benefits they offer with a ring purchase.

Jewelers should include benefits such as size exchanges, free cleanings, and free or low-cost buffings with a cobalt chrome ring purchase. Some jewelers may even offer you a warranty.

Ask the jewelry store if their cobalt chrome rings are verified nickel-free. If the seller is unsure or does not disclose the information, look elsewhere.

Not only is nickel a non-hypoallergenic metal, but it weakens the ring.

Cobalt chrome rings that feature nickel will scratch more than those that do not, defeating the whole purpose of these rings.

When shopping online, make sure the company offers a full return policy. Often online products do not meet our expectations of looks or quality.

If the product you purchased does not meet your expectations, return it to the seller for a full refund.

Apply the following tip to all types of ring purchases: Avoid purchasing a ring with any plating.

Plating is a technique used to change the surface color of a piece of jewelry.

Cobalt chrome rings utilize plating to create thin stripes of patterns of color. Do not purchase these rings.

Because jewelry plating is so thin, it easily chips and scratches.

Any cobalt chrome ring that featuring plating will need frequent refinishing.

While this metal coating does not cost you more in materials, it will cost you more maintenance fees.

All two-tone designs on a cobalt chrome ring should use an inlay design, not plating.

Cobalt Chrome Rings for Women

As mentioned earlier, cobalt chrome rings are popular among men. But even women want durable rings!

If you prefer a less ornamental ring, most cobalt chrome rings will do.

Simply because they are “made” for a man does not mean a woman can not wear them.

However, if you want a cobalt chrome ring that resembles more of a traditional wedding or engagement ring, you will have to dig a little deeper.

Lucky for you, we already did some digging!

Like traditional metal rings, cobalt chrome rings can hold precious stones.

Keep in mind that cobalt chrome rings set with precious stones cost more than plain bands would.

Here are some of our top picks for Cobalt Chrome Rings for Women!

Cobalt Chromer and White Sapphire Ring

This Cobalt Chrome Engagement Ring set from Revolution Jewelry is stunning. This set features both the engagement ring and a wedding band.

Both the ring and the band have an extraordinary blue turquoise inlay.

Meanwhile, the engagement ring features a stunning white sapphire stone.

This ring is perfect for anyone looking for the durability of cobalt chrome and the style of a traditional engagement ring.

Cobalt Chrome Diamond Ring

The 1/2 Diamond Bridal Set from Renaissance Jewelry (sold on Etsy) features one Damascus Steel band and one cobalt chrome engagement ring.

This bridal set combines simplicity and patterns perfectly.

Damascus steel is famous for its unique light and dark markings. Damascus steel has been used to forge weapons since the 13th century.

Although current steel mixtures are more durable,

Damascus steel is still incredibly strong and has more unique looks than modern steel.

If you are willing to mix and match metal types, this is the perfect engagement ring and wedding band combination.

Cobalt Chrome Moissanite Ring

The Cobalt Chrome Moissanite Ring from Revolution Jewelry is the perfect selection for a woman with an outdoorsy side.

Inlayed inside the cobalt chrome band is a camo pattern. The prongs holding the .5 carat moissanite stone have a talon-like resemblance.

The ring is designed for more comfortable wearing. Whether you are an outdoorsy girl or not, this ring will give you the perfect amount of bling.

This ring only features the ring. If you would like a matching band, check out this cobalt chrome band with a camo inlay! For a more feminine look, check out this pink camo band!

While it may seem difficult to find women’s cobalt chrome rings, there are plenty of options available.

You do not have to settle for a dainty gold ring nor a men’s style cobalt chrome ring.

With a little bit of exploring, you can find the perfect ring for you.

Are you struggling to find the perfect ring? Visit your local jewelers for a custom-made set!

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