Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green? (Answered)

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Have you ever taken off one of your rings to find a green marking on your finger?

This is a common occurrence, especially when you’re dealing with cheaper jewelry.

However, there are specific kinds of rings you can purchase to guarantee you won’t have a green finger again.

Rings that won’t turn your finger green include pure gold, pure sterling silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, and silicone. Avoid any ring with copper in it, and typically, cheaper jewelry is more likely to turn your finger green.

There are a lot of rings that claim they won’t turn your finger green, but that’s not always true.

We’ll talk about the types of rings that don’t turn green.

Why Do Rings Turn Your Finger Green?

Most often, skin discoloration from wearing rings occurs when the ring’s metal mixes with your sweat, lotion/cosmetics, or cleaning products.

Your sweat’s acidity and the abrasive and corrosive substances found in lotions/cosmetics and cleaning products can all get in between your ring and finger to corrode the metal, leaving a green residue on your finger.

The metal that is most likely to turn your finger green is copper.

Although you may not purchase a copper ring directly, copper can be used as a metal alloy for other types of rings (like gold and silver), so be aware.

Rings That Don’t Turn Green – (Safe Rings)

Which Kind of Rings Won't Turn Your Finger Green

Controversial Precious Metals

As a general rule, rings made from pure precious metals will not turn your finger green.

These are metals like gold, sterling silver, and platinum.

However, if the ring is not pure, only partially that metal, then you can still experience discoloration.

In most situations, it is very hard to find pure gold and sterling silver rings (and if you do find them, they are really expensive).

A pure platinum ring, on the other hand, is more likely to be available.

But remember, if the ring is only platinum-plated then you could still wind up with a green finger.

Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green (Guaranteed Metals)

Alternative metals are the sure-fire way to go when picking a ring that won’t turn your finger green.

These metals are titanium, tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel.

Not only are they free from leaving residue, but they also tend to be much cheaper than precious metals!

1. Titanium

Titanium rings are lightweight, surprisingly durable (especially considering their price), extremely resistant to heat, and more rust-resistant than most metals.

Despite its durability, titanium can be scratched.

Currently, it is the most hypoallergenic metal known to man.

And ultimately, titanium cannot tarnish so it won’t turn your finger green.

2. Tungsten

Tungsten is the opposite of titanium.

It is heavy, scratch-resistant, and very easy to crack or shatter.

Tungsten is the hardest metal on earth, which is why it can break so easily.

But it is very affordable and hypoallergenic.

A major downside to tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized.

Yet, they’re tarnish-free so you’re still safe from green.

3. Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt chrome rings are the nice in-between for titanium and tungsten.

They are fairly lightweight, durable, highly scratch-resistant (not as much as tungsten), hypoallergenic, and rust, fade, and tarnish-free.

Depending on where you take the ring, you can get them resized.

They are also one of the more customizable options.

4. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rings are durable, fairly scratch-resistant, and are super easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, it is not very customizable, difficult to resize, and not always hypoallergenic.

It’s also important to note that some stainless steel rings can rust and tarnish, but because of how they’re made, they still won’t turn you green.

5. Silicone

Silicone rings are becoming an increasingly popular metal alternative.

They are made out of a soft and stretchy rubber material, so they will never discolor your skin.

They are incredibly durable.

Unless you are intentionally trying to break it, it is extremely unlikely that your silicone ring will ever break while you’re wearing it.

Since it is so strong and adaptable, you can wear this ring everywhere, even in some careers where rings are typically not allowed.

They can be produced in any color and many have different pattern options.

With some retailers, you can even have precious metals infused into the ring so it has that particular metal’s exact color and your own personal flair to it.

How To Keep Your Ring From Turning Your Finger Green

How To Keep A Ring From Turning Your Finger Green

Whether you have a ring that you don’t want to part with (despite it turning your finger green every time you put it on) or aren’t interested in the rings listed above, here are some ways to stop rings from turning your finger green.

Remove Your Ring Around Corrosive Substances

Whenever you are using soap or cleaning chemicals, make sure you are not wearing your ring.

This includes taking off your ring when doing the dishes and other various cleaning tasks, taking a shower, washing your hands, going swimming in a pool or ocean (it is very important to avoid any contact with chlorine), and applying lotion or cosmetics.

All of these situations are more likely to corrode the metal and cause discoloration.

After doing any of these activities, wash your hands and allow them to dry completely before putting on your ring again.

For lotion and/or cosmetics, make sure the product has been completely absorbed before putting on your ring.

Seal The Ring

You can seal your ring by applying jewelry lacquer or clear nail polish to the inside of the ring.

This creates a protective barrier for the ring from your body’s corrosive properties and a protective layer for your skin from discoloration.

Over time, the seal will need to be reapplied.

Add Rhodium Plating

Rhodium platings are much more durable protective barriers between the ring and your skin than the liquid sealings mentioned above.

These platings do not scratch, dent, or corrode and will increase the ring’s strength.

This can be applied to the entire ring or just the inside.

After some time, friction will wear off the inside plating, so just like the other sealing methods, you will need to get your ring replated occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Silicon are definately the best rings that don’t turn yor finger green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does titanium turn your finger green?

No, titanium does not turn your finger green. Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal that is safe to wear and will not cause any discoloration or irritation to the skin

Gold rings that won’t turn green

Gold rings without copper or other alloys are unlikely to turn green. Look for gold rings that are 14k or higher and contain a low copper content (less than 5%) to ensure they won’t turn green.

What metal won’t turn green?

Metals that do not turn green include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, and gold

Does stainless steel turn your finger green?

No, stainless steel should not turn your finger green. However, some jewelry made with stainless steel and other metals with a higher reactivity such as copper or nickel can cause discoloration of the skin.

What silver does not turn your finger green?

Silver jewelry made from sterling silver or higher-grade sterling silver, such as rhodium-plated silver, will not turn your finger green.

However, Silver jewelry made from nickel or lower-grade sterling silver may cause your finger to turn green.

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