What Does it Mean to Wear a Black Ring on the Ring Finger?

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When it comes to getting married, every detail must be thought out, including the ring!

Some people like to choose rings that are outside of the traditional metallic colors of silver and gold.

But does a detail such as a ring color really matter that much, especially if it is black?

A black ring on the ring finger symbolizes strength, loyalty, wealth, courage, a good relationship, and the idea of eternity with your spouse. Black can also be a symbol of death and mourning. The symbolism is the same as any other ring on the ring finger.

But that is just your ring finger. On other fingers and in other cultures the black ring has a lot more meaning than one would think.

Black Ring Meaning

A black ring itself can mean many things.

The color black symbolizes death and mourning so one could wear a black ring in mourning of a loved one or a lost spouse.

To some, a black ring may signify darkness or dealings with the devil due to its gothic nature.

People who enjoy the rebellious gothic nature may also get black rings to spite those who stigmatize them.

However, they can be interpreted in completely different ways.

During the time of Ancient Greece and Rome, the black rings were a symbol of status and power.

They would create black rings with their seal on them so people would be able to tell who they were.

The rings were also carried by Roman soldiers as a way to exhibit self-control.

They believed the rings would help them control their inner emotions during the battle and keep them safe from outside threats.

Today the black ring carries the same meaning.

Strength and power are commonly associated with black rings because they are made with strong black metals such as tungsten and titanium.

Even black silicone rings symbolize strength and power because of their durability.

It can also mean loyalty and eternal love because the band is less likely to break, due to the stronger metals used.

Black diamonds are usually paired with these rings and also carry the meaning of purity/self-control and eternity.

Couples who wear matching black rings display their loyalty to one another and their strong relationship on their ring finger.

There is one other major meaning behind the black ring that the National Marriage Boycott Organization created.

Before 2015 and the legalization of same-sex marriage, the National Marriage Boycott Organization (NMB) created a black ring with the word ‘equality’ on it.

People would then wear this ring to support family members, friends, or themselves as a small protest towards the lack of marriage equality.

People who were a part of the LGBTQ+ community couldn’t get married to the ones they loved, so they would wear the rings to show support.

However, a black ring can mean a variety of things to the owner and it is good to ask what they mean to different people. For my husband, it just looked cool.

Possible Significance on the Right Finger

A black ring on the ring finger still has a wide range of significance.

Since it is on the ring finger, it does symbolize marriage and love.

The black color of the ring then adds symbolism for loyalty, eternity, strength, and courage.

Men will typically have a black wedding band to show strength and courage.

If both partners have a black wedding band it symbolizes loyalty towards one another as well as the desire and promise for eternity with their partner.

It can also symbolize a richer marriage and wealth in the marriage because black versions of gold, silver, or diamonds are more expensive.

Left vs. Right Ring Finger Meaning

What Does it Mean to Wear a Black Ring on the Ring Finger?

If the ring is on the right finger, it symbolizes marriage and love.

In some countries such as Germany, Russia, and India, the wedding band is on the right hand instead and holds the same symbolism of love and marriage.

Usually, for women who want to wear their wedding band and engagement ring, they wear the wedding band on the left ring finger and the engagement on the right ring finger.

However, if you wear a black wedding band on your right ring finger in America and other countries that typically follow the left-hand rule, that symbolizes that you and your partner could be swingers.

The right-hand black ring lets others know that your relationship is open and that dating or having sex with other partners while you are married is okay with your partner.

You could also portray this meaning with any black ring on your right hand.

The Meaning Behind Rings on Different Fingers

If you wear a ring on different fingers, it could mean a variety of things.

There are some common ring-wearing fingers and others not so common.

Sometimes people wear rings because they look good and other times they wear them because they hold significance to the wearer.

For example, a black ring on the right-hand middle finger is a way asexuals (people who are not sexually interested in anyone) may signify their sexuality and take pride in it.

They also can use it as a sign to identify other asexual people.

The Meaning Behind Rings on Different Fingers

Pinky rings are usually associated with wealth, status, and a way to make a statement.

Look at most mafia movies and you’ll find a big ring on the boss’s pinky finger. This symbolism goes with either hand.

For the ring finger, it symbolizes marriage, obviously. This also goes for either hand.

The Middle finger is a statement ring. It can represent masculinity and strength, or even your sexuality on your right hand.

Either way, a ring on this finger usually makes a statement.

The index usually has some significance to life achievement or personality. Engineering, class, cocktail, and many other rings go here to show who you are.

The thumb can symbolize wealth due to how much extra material will be needed for the thicker finger.

The index and thumb were both common fingers used for wedding bands for Jewish weddings as well before they moved to the ring.

How Common is the Black Ring Today?

Black rings are very common today because they fit men’s fashion needs.

They usually aren’t too glittery or shiny, just the right tone of darkness that they don’t stand out.

They are also better for dirtier jobs because it is harder to tell if they get too dirty.

It is also common for asexuals to use on their middle fingers.

Before the legalization of same-sex marriage, they were very common among those apart of the NMB.

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