Men’s Necklace Lengths – The Ultimate Guide (Size & Chart)

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Necklance lengths size for men

Different necklace lengths can look very different from man to man, which is why you need to know the perfect length to go with.

With so many different styles of men’s necklaces to choose from, if you are looking to add a necklace to your wardrobe you’ll be spoilt for choice. The only slight issue will be knowing which length to go with.

To help make your decision that much easier, we have put together this detailed guide to choosing the perfect men’s necklace lengths.

Men’s Necklace Lengths – Size & Chart Guide

Necklace Length and Style Necklace Position  
18-inch    Usually, this length of necklace would fall just beneath a man’s Adam’s Apple.
20-inch    Typically, this length of necklace would fall between the first and the second button of an average-sized man’s shirt.
22-inch    This length of necklace usually falls an inch or so beneath the collarbone.
24-inch    Usually, these longer necklaces will fall somewhere in the middle of the sternum.
30-inch    Depending on the build of the man in question, usually, you’ll find that 30-inch necklaces hang in the middle/lower chest area.
36-inch    36-inch necklaces hang extremely low, usually around the upper/middle abdominal area, depending on the man’s build.

18-inch Men’s Necklace Length

On a lot of men, this would be classed as a choker, depending on the thickness of his neck.

For men with thicker necks, this style and length of the necklace may be restricting and uncomfortable.

20-inch Men’s Necklace Lengths

This is the most common length of necklace for men and can be worn either under a shirt or over.

22-inch Men’s Necklace Lengths

For men with larger necks, i.e. gym bros or naturally thicker set men, this is a great choice.

Dog tags, pendants, and crosses work especially well at this length, and typically are worn over the top of clothing.

24-inch Men’s Necklace Lengths

For men that require a slightly longer necklace, I.E those who are significantly bigger than average, this is a great length.

This too is a great length for crosses, pendants, and dog tags and is usually worn over the top of clothing.

30-inch Men’s Necklace Lengths

30-inch necklaces are the longest of any standard men’s necklace commonly available for purchase.

Perfect when worn outside of the shirt, without a pendant, it’s great for men who want a long necklace.

36-Inch Men’s Necklace Lengths

For men who require an unusually long necklace, a 36-inch chain is required.

Because of the length, these necklaces are only really suitable as chains, as pendants would hang far too low. They too are best worn outside of clothing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Men’s Necklace Lengths

Men’s Necklace Lengths

Because different men have different builds, shapes, styles, and preferences, there are some important considerations to take into account when choosing the perfect necklace length for a man.


Height is a very important consideration when deciding on a man’s necklace length, for obvious reasons.

The taller the man, the lower on his torso the necklace will fall.

For example, a 24-inch cross necklace on a 6ft 5-inch-tall man would almost certainly not fall in the same position as it would on a 5ft 5-inch-tall man.

Basically, the taller you are, the higher up your torso a necklace will fall.

So if you would prefer a longer necklace, a 30-inch necklace rather than a 14-inch necklace would be your best bet.


When it comes to choosing a men’s necklace, a man’s face is also important. No, we don’t mean his looks, but rather, the shape and size of his face.

Different necklace styles suit different face types. Short chokers for example, generally don’t suit men with rounder and fuller faces.

Men with rounder and fuller faces tend to suit 24-inch necklaces better.

On the flip side, if you have a thin and gaunt face, a longer necklace may look out of place.

Instead, you’d be better with a 20 – 22-inch necklace instead as thinner faces tend to suit shorter necklaces.

Body Type

Mens necklace length chart

Men come in all shapes and sizes and as a result, different builds suit different styles and lengths of necklace.

Your body type and build will determine where your necklace sits on you.

If for example, you are a bodybuilder with a wide chest, the added thickness of your chest will cause the necklace to fall slightly higher on you than the average man.

Men with thick necks and fuller figures also find that necklaces fall higher on them.

So if you do like long necklaces and are looking for one that falls mid-chest area, rather than a 30-inch necklace you will probably be better with a 36-inch necklace instead.

The same principle applies if you’re slim, as slim and skinny bodies mean that necklaces hang lower and looser.


Your outfits should also be taken into consideration when you’re shopping for your brand-new men’s necklace.

As you can see in the chart, a lot of popular men’s necklaces nowadays are designed to be worn over the top of a man’s clothing, rather than under it.

When choosing a necklace, make sure you consider the outfit/outfits that you plan on wearing it with.

As mentioned, dog tags and crosses are very popular with men and they look particularly good when worn with a plain buttonless black or white shirt or t-shirt.

Short chokers and pendants can look great with a casual button shirt, with a couple of the buttons undone near the neck and collar.

When you are browsing for a necklace, make sure you consider the type of outfits you typically wear and will be wearing when you’re wearing your necklace.

Preferred Style

Mens necklace lengths

Style preference should also be considered when shopping for a man’s necklace.

Before you commit to buying a necklace, first you must consider what your preferred style is.

Do you like the look of dog tags and are perhaps considering a simple black t-shirt, and blue jeans combo to show off your dog tags?

If so, then you’ll want to avoid shorter necklaces such as 18 – 20-inch ones.

If, however, you like simple leather pendant style necklaces, 20 – 22-inch necklaces would be the perfect length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best chain length for a tall man?

This of course depends on personal preference, not to mention height and build but generally, 30-inch necklaces are considered ideal for taller men.

30-inch necklaces tend to hang just below the heart, around the upper/middle pec area. If you’re 6ft or over, a 30-inch necklace may very well be the ideal length for you.

Best chain length for a short man?

Mens Necklace Length

When choosing and wearing a necklace, the idea behind a stylish man’s necklace is that it does not appear to overwhelm the wearer and look comically long and oversized.

Because of this, shorter men should ideally go for shorter necklaces.

A 20 – 22-inch necklace would look great on a shorter man as it wouldn’t look too short like a choker, but it also wouldn’t hang too low and look too big.

What is the most common necklace length for men?

Mens necklace lengths size

Interestingly, 20-inch necklaces are actually considered to be the most common necklace length for men.

This chain will usually fall between the first two buttons on a man’s shirt.

So it will look neither too short nor too long either. Of course, different styles require different lengths of necklaces.

Is a 20-inch chain too short for a man?

Absolutely not.

Not only are 20-inch necklaces not too short for men, but they’re also the most common necklace length for a man.

Now, there are of course exceptions to consider.

If for example, a 6ft-3-inch-tall powerlifter with a thick neck, huge traps, an enormous chest, and a large power belly tried wearing a 20-inch necklace, he’d likely pass out due to oxygen constriction.

For average-sized men, however, 20-inch necklaces are most certainly not considered to be too short.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to jewelry, it isn’t just women that enjoy wearing it, a great deal of men do too.

While there are many different types of popular men’s jewelry, necklaces and chains have proved timeless as they’ve been sported by men for centuries.

A necklace on a man can give him an added element of style and an aura of mystique.

Not only that, but necklaces on men can also really lift an outfit and give their wardrobe that added a bit of ‘oompf’ it may have been missing.

Therefore choosing the right necklace length for a man is very important.

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