7 Best Crystals for Beginner Witches (Important Tips)

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Crystals for Beginner Witches

Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, sodalite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, and Hematite are among the best crystals for beginner witches. These crystals have unique properties that help deepen connection with the spiritual world.

Beginner witches need to find their own style and ways of working.

You will already know what draws you to the craft and this will influence your choices in crystals as well as in other aspects of witchery.

Witches work with nature and try to stay in accord with the natural world in all that they do.

Herblore is an important part of witchcraft, as is spell casting, ritual, and ceremony.

The use of crystals forms an important part of any witch’s toolkit.

As you progress you will find that there is an infinite amount to learn about the properties and qualities of the many minerals and crystals that our planet has provided us with.

To get started, many witches like to choose seven crystals that align with the seven chakras of the etheric body.

The following crystals will be useful to any beginner witch who wants to expand her knowledge.

1.    Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz can be rightly described as the Master Crystal.

It holds within its structure all the colors of the spectrum and its powers are infinite.

It is an excellent energy amplifier and will raise your vibration instantly when you hold or wear it.

Clear Quartz is the supreme healer crystal.

It seeks out the area in need of healing and sends healing vibrations directly to the source of dis-ease or discomfort.

It also has the unique property of adapting its healing frequencies to the recipient of its energies.

Clear Quartz resonates with the Crown chakra.

It opens, activates, and energizes the Crown, facilitates connections with spirit and the Divine Goddess/God, and brings signs, symbols, and messages in from the angelic and other worldly realms.

Place a large piece of Clear Quartz on your altar or sacred space to ensure that your other crystals remain clear of negativity.

You can also hold or carry smaller pieces of Clear Quartz with you to protect your aura from invasion by negative external influences.

2.    Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

For your Third Eye, you will want to choose dark blue or purple crystals.

Amethyst is a good all-round choice for beginner witches because it is a protective, cleansing crystal that keeps your space and aura clear of negativity.

However, Lapis Lazuli may work better for you if you want to open your Third Eye chakra and develop your psychic gifts.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates enlightenment and spiritual power.

It aligns the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies within your energy sheath and harmonizes and balances the energies so that you feel confident and stable.

Wear Lapis Lazuli earrings or necklaces to stimulate your Throat and Third eye chakras.

3.    Sodalite

Sodalite Crystal

Your Throat chakra is the voice of the body. Whatever is beginning to manifest in your physical body may well find an outlet in the Throat.

Pay attention to any physical discomfort in this area as soon as it appears and use A sodalite crystal to immediately balance and cleanse your Throat chakra.

Sodalite will remove blocked energy from this area and restore the healthy flow of Qi necessary for well-being.

Sodalite supports your communication. When you speak your truth, you keep your throat chakra open and clear.

When you suppress your feelings and hold back from communicating your needs, you upset the balance of energies and can become either physically or emotionally unwell.

Wear a Sodalite necklace on a short chain or thing to keep this crystal near to your Throat chakra, or stroke your throat with a piece of Sodalite whenever you feel restricted.

4.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Your Heart Chakra will benefit from the loving, nurturing vibrations of Rose Quartz at any time.

This crystal is the stone of Universal, unconditional love.

Keep Pieces of Rose Quartz on your altar or use Rose Quartz candle holders to light up your home and sacred spaces.

This will bring in frequencies of love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

5.    Citrine

Citrine Meaning and uses

Citrine is a vibrant, bright, and sunny-natured yellow stone that keeps your Solar Plexus in top condition.

The Solar Plexus is the seat of your personal power and will.

It is in this area that we hold both fear and bliss.

Keeping it clear and open through the use of yellow crystals, especially warming, stimulating Citrine, ensures that you hold only bliss and let go of fear.

Citrine crystals also attract abundance, especially finance.

You might want to place a small piece of Citrine in your cash register or purse to ensure that the money keeps flowing.

6.    Carnelian

Carnelian Crystal Meaning

Your Sacral chakra is located just above your pubic bone.

It is sometimes called your “water center” as it sits in the area of the bladder and reproductive organs.

Your Sacral chakra governs your creativity, imagination, and receptivity to pleasures of all kinds, especially those of the physical senses.

When you “forget” to appreciate the beauty of nature, your Sacral chakra may remind you by becoming blocked or restricted.

This can lead to urinary or hormonal problems and imbalances, as well as lethargy and mild depression.

Use Carnelian on your Sacral chakra in meditation or place a crystal in your bathwater to keep your Sacral chakra clear and clean of negative energies.

7.    Hematite

Hematite Crystal

Your Base chakra governs your material safety and security.

It ensures that your physical needs, such as warmth, food, and shelter are met, and if they are not, they will soon become blocked and unbalanced.

It is not always possible for humans to obtain everything they need for survival.

But keeping your Base chakra in good condition will help to give you the strength, courage, and motivation required to make every effort to obtain what you require.

Your Base chakra also connects you firmly and steadfastly to the wonderfully healing vibration of Mother Earth.

As a beginner witch, you will want to reinforce your connection with Gaia and her beautiful creations as much as you can.

Place a hematite crystal on the base of your spine, or rub one over the soles of your feet to bring your energies into alignment with the earth.

Hematite bracelets and necklaces will help you to stay grounded at all times.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Beginner Witches

Crystals for Beginner Witches

Enjoy your journey as a witch!

Using crystals to educate yourself about the natural world and the powers of the Universe is a wonderful way to learn about healing, spell casting, rituals, and workings as you progress along your chosen path.

Remember to give thanks for the aid you receive from the spirit through the crystals you use.

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