7 Best Crystals for Family Unity (Helpful Facts)

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Crystals for Family Unity

White Jade, Sesame Jasper, Agate, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Aquamarine are among the best crystals for family unity. These crystals possess unique energies and properties that help to promote unity, understanding, and trust between family members.

Families can be difficult! The old saying that “we are given our families; thank goodness we can choose our friends” is true at least part of the time for most of us.

We may love the members of our family above all else, but that does not stop us from coming into conflict with them at times.

Inter-generational squabbles and differences are common amongst most families.

If you belong to a large, extended family it is likely that you get along better with some of your relatives than others.

What is certain, though, is that a united family is a wonderful source of strength, protection, and support.

Many crystals have qualities that promote harmony and love amongst families, and it is well worth investing in some to place around your home to ease tensions and encourage mutual cooperation.

1.    White Jade

White Jade Crystal

Jade has been considered to be a stone of good luck and fortune in the East for thousands of years.

It is also a crystal of abundance, harmony, and peace. White Jade is especially effective for promoting good relationships within family groups.

White Jade is an extremely constructive stone and teaches us that all energy can be utilized in a positive way if we allow ourselves to see all sides of a situation.

This crystal is a symbol of purity and serenity.

It signifies wisdom gathered through tranquility and stillness.

It is associated with the Heart chakra and increases the love and nurturing of friends, relatives, and the wider community.

It is said that holding Jade transfers the qualities of the stone into the body of the user.

You can also wear it as gemstone jewelry or place a piece of White Jade in the most communal area of your home to promote harmonious relationships.

2.    Sesame Jasper

Sesame Jasper Crystal

Jasper is a supremely nurturing stone.

It brings wholeness and serenity, reminds people of their connectedness to one another, and unifies body, mind, and spirit for better health and well-being.

Sesame Jasper contains tourmaline and amazonite in its structure and is known to help with anxiety, stress, and undue anger or resentment.

Wearing bracelets of Sesame Jasper can help unite family members following a rift or serious difference of opinion.

Giving one another a gift of Sesame Jasper is an ideal way to signal your intentions to repair relationships, strengthen bonds and work together for a common cause.

3.    Agate

Agate History and Lore

Call upon the qualities and powers of Agate to help you to fully accept yourself and to value your own truths.

Often, within families, members know exactly how to hurt those closest to them and may say things they do not mean just because they can!

It is important for all family members to be aware of the power they have to hurt one another and to be mindful of the things they say and do.

In the heat of the moment, it may happen that hurtful comments are made that reduce you to tears or despair.

It is then that you need to protect your energies by wearing Agate stones, carrying them with you, and placing them nearby whatever you are doing.

Agate gently facilitates acceptance of oneself, increases self-worth, and teaches patience and understanding towards your fellow human beings.

4.    Black Obsidian

Obsidian Crystal

For family unity, try placing a large piece of Black Obsidian on your dining table or in the heart of the home.

Black Obsidian encourages free expression and reveals true intentions.

It is a secretive stone that teaches you when it would be best for all concerned for you to keep your own counsel.

Conversely, nothing can be hidden from Obsidian, and, when it is important for your own mental and emotional health to speak your mind, Obsidian imparts the necessary strength and courage for you to do so in a positive way.

5.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

The only way to truly unite people is through love.

Rose Quartz is the best crystal for promoting and encouraging universal, unconditional love amongst individuals, groups, and beings from other realms.

Place Rose Quartz crystals all around the home so that everyone benefits from the gentle, loving vibrations of this delicate pink stone.

Wear Rose Quartz pendants to keep your own Heart chakra open and clear so that you are ready to both give and receive love on all levels.

Incorporate Rose Quartz crystal tools into your self-care and skin care regimes to keep your vibration high.

6.    Citrine

Citrine Meaning and uses

Citrine is Amethyst that has been heat treated so that its purple color is transformed to yellow.

Naturally occurring Citrine is extremely rare as it is formed through volcanic levels of heat within the rock where the Amethyst and other Quartz crystals were formed.

Citrine is a stone of abundance and joy.

It has a vibrant, energetic vibration that disperses gloomy thoughts and brings in feelings of hope, happiness, and optimism.

If a lack of family unity is causing you to feel down, try working with Citrine at your Solar Plexus chakra to bring more bliss and balance into your life.

Remember that harmonious relationships are the responsibility of all parties, and do not feel that the whole burden is yours to bear.

Place a piece of this stone in your purse or wallet to attract an abundance of wealth, and in the relationship corner of your home to promote an abundance of patience, understanding, and love.

7.    Aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine is cooling and soothing.

It has a gentle vibration that calms the mind and restores balance after a period of disturbance or disagreement.

Aquamarine brings courage, and as it resonates with the Throat chakra, it can be worn as a necklace to help you to better communicate your emotions and needs to others.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Family Unity

Crystals for Family Unity

Unity within a family brings untold benefits to all concerned.

It is worth working for, and it is good to know that your efforts can be supported and amplified by the use of crystals.

Placing various crystals in the heart of the home, and using them to strengthen your own resolve is an excellent way of showing your commitment to achieving this goal.

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