7 Best Crystals for Clairvoyance (Important Tips)

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Crystals for Clairvoyance

Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, and Turquoise are known for their powerful energy and ability to connect with the higher self, making them excellent crystals for clairvoyance.

What is clairvoyance? At its most basic is the ability to see clearly beyond the physical senses.

Some people are naturally more clairvoyant than others, but every human has the potential to be clairvoyant, seeing the present, the past, and the potential for the future with clarity and insight.

Clairvoyance requires that you trust your intuition, and this is where many people start to struggle with the concept.

The popular trope of the Gypsy woman in a darkened room with a crystal ball does not help.

It reduces the idea to a fairy tale or method of entertainment, and this can get in the way of your belief in your own abilities.

If you have ever found yourself saying something like “I just knew that was going to happen” or “I had a strong feeling about this” then you are already tapping into your own clairvoyant gifts.

And with some study, intention, and development work you will find that your abilities become stronger and that you trust your instincts and intuition more readily.

And the use of these crystals will surely help you enhance your intuitive abilities.

1.    Amethyst

Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst has fine vibration that is attuned to the energies of your Higher Self and the world of spirit.

It is an excellent energy cleanser and can be used to clear your space and your aura of blocked or negative energy that may be impeding your ability to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom.

When you have cleansed your space, try meditating with a piece of Amethyst in a quiet place and accept whatever visions or signs come up for you without questions or judgment.

Amethyst aligns your Third Eye chakra with your Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.

This leads to a powerful connection between your intellect with your intuition.

Wearing amethyst earrings helps to keep your third eye activated, open, and clear of negativity.

2.    Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite loves order and organization. It recognizes dissonance in your aura and biofield and brings things back into their perfect place.

Fluorite cleanses and purifies, dispelling negative or blocked energy and bringing higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Violet and Purple Fluorite stimulate your Third Eye and link common sense to psychic vision and intuition.

It is a powerful stone for meditation and will hold your intention to access Higher consciousness and thought forms from other realms.

Place Violet Fluorite at eye level and meditate on the crystal as you begin to relax into meditation.

When you are relaxed and receptive to its vibrations you can alter your position and lie flat, placing the crystal on your brow to enhance your psychic abilities.

3.    Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

All deep blue stones are excellent aids to clairvoyance and Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier.

This stone enhances dream work and stimulates clairvoyant psychic abilities.

It also contacts spirit guardians and can be used to protect the body during soul journeys so that body and soul can integrate easily when the exercise is done.

To use Lapis Lazuli to stimulate your psychic abilities try wearing it as jewelry for a few days.

You will start to take notice of the coincidences, serendipities, and other forms of energy alignment going on around you.

4.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz is aligned with the energies of the Heart chakra and is a powerful amplifier of heart intuition.

When you work with clairvoyance you can sometimes be confused, or even frightened, by the signs and visions that come to you.

Rose quartz protects your heart energies and keeps you safe in the benevolence of Universal love.

Your Heart energy is almost always intuitive in nature, and when we use the expression “follow your heart” we acknowledge that the insights we receive are both true and positive.

A Rose Quartz heart is an excellent talisman to have in your hand or nearby when you tap into your clairvoyant gifts.

5.    Sodalite

Sodalite Crystal

Clairvoyance requires you to connect with your Higher Self so that you can access your resources, inner wisdom, and spiritual perception.

Sodalite brings information down from your Higher mind and grounds it in your physical body.

Sodalite also deepens and enhances the power of meditation.

It encourages you to use your mind to make sense of your current situation.

It also promotes the clarity of mind needed to understand the course of action you need to take in order to change outcomes that are not to your liking.

Hold Sodalite against your chest and breathe in deeply.

Send positive, clear, requests and thoughts into the crystal and ask that you receive the answers, visions, and insights you seek.

6.    Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal

Tiger’s eye combines the power of the sun with the energies of Earth.

It has protective qualities and was traditionally carried as a talisman against curses or ill wishes.

It clears doubt from your mind and reminds you of your personal power.

It promotes integrity and facilitates the correct use of power for the greatest good.

When you embark on your spiritual quest to develop your clairvoyant gifts, keep Tiger’s Eye in your pocket near your Base chakra to ground you safely into the healing vibrations of Earth.

7.    Turquoise

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise has been regarded as a seer stone for thousands of years.

It promotes spiritual attunement and amplifies the connections you make with the spiritual world.

It enhances intuition and, placed on the Throat chakra, facilitates communication with both Divine and earthly wisdom.

Turquoise helps you to alter the way you talk to yourself, cleansing your aura of negativity and removing blockages caused by fear or the belief that you are not worthy of spiritual support.

Clairvoyant gifts can be enhanced with Turquoise if you place it on your Third Eye before entering a meditative state.

Turquoise has a comforting and nurturing energy that reassures and supports you as you explore other worlds and times.

It brings peace of mind and serenity, boosts self-confidence, and imparts self-belief.

Placed on the Throat chakra, Turquoise releases old vows and covenants.

It is a stone of karmic release that allows your soul to express itself with confidence and truth.

Clairvoyance is enhanced by turquoise when you allow the crystal to release you from doubts and old conditioning regarding your ability to see clearly.

Summary: Crystals for Clairvoyance

Crystals for Clairvoyance

While some people are more naturally gifted with clairvoyance than others, it is recommended to use these crystals as a way to enhance your intuitive abilities.

  • Amethyst
  • Fluorite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Sodalite
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Turquoise

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