7 Best Crystals for Jealousy (Important Facts)

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Crystals for Jealousy

Green Aventurine, Peridot, Green Apatite, Chrysoprase, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian are excellent crystals for jealousy. These crystals possess vibrational energies that help shift one’s mindset and emotions.

“O beware my lord, of jealousy

It is the green-eyed monster

That doth mock the meat it feeds on”

Iago, Othello, Act 3 Sc 3. Wm Shakespeare.

When Iago says this to Othello in the play of the same name, he is describing the destructive nature of this emotion perfectly.

Jealousy corrodes and embitters the person who falls prey to it and nobody benefits.

It can lead to feelings of insecurity, low self-worth, and resentment towards others.

Resentment comes close to jealousy in its power to wreak havoc on all concerned and nobody would willingly choose to make themselves so miserable.

However, jealousy does seem to have its own agenda and may strike you unawares at any time.

As socialized, civilized, humans, we can choose to hide our jealous feelings and decide not to act upon them in any way.

Unfortunately, this alone does not save us from the feelings of wretchedness that jealousy leads to.

If you have a problem with feelings of jealousy, you may like to try using some of the following crystals to help you to let go of it.

1.    Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine has protective qualities and is also a stone of prosperity.

If your jealousy is connected to material wealth and possessions it is time to take a step back into nature and cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all that you have.

Green Aventurine stabilizes your state of mind, enhances your creativity, and allows you to see the causes of your present feelings of dissatisfaction as they are rooted in the past.

If you have a garden, place pieces of Green Aventurine around the bases of your favorite trees and plants.

Take time to sit quietly in your own peaceful place and tune in to the vibrations of both your plants and the Aventurine crystal.

Breathe out discomfort and breathe in peace.

2.    Peridot

Peridot Crystal

Peridot can be a useful ally when you want to overcome feelings of jealousy.

It encourages assertiveness without aggression and can help to smooth ruffled feathers arising from misunderstandings or faulty perceptions of the motives of others.

Jealousy narrows the vision and restricts your capacity to forgive.

Peridot expands the energy of the Heart and allows this chakra to receive love, which is a prerequisite for being able to give love.

Wear Peridot as jewelry around your neck and ears to access its powers of forgiveness and to promote tolerance and acceptance of others.

3.    Green Apatite

Green Apatite

Apatite is attuned to the future, yet has a strong connection with the past, including any past lives you may have lived.

It is a stone of inspiration and courage, and Green Apatite is especially good for easing social situations and encouraging you to see the best in everyone.

This crystal stimulates creativity and intellect, which can be useful when you find your thoughts becoming narrow or restricted due to feelings of envy or jealousy.

Green Apatite balances all aspects of the personality and physical body.

It brings the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies into alignment and allows for the release of destructive thoughts or feelings by grounding the intellectual energy down into the body and then out into the Earth.

To benefit from the calming properties of Green Apatite when you feel jealousy threatening try squeezing a tumbled stone in your fist for three seconds and then placing the stone over your heart.

Take a deep breath and on the out-breath let go of all feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, or envy.

4.    Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase Crystal

Chrysoprase was said by the ancients to promote love and truth.

Feelings of jealousy rarely have any basis in truth, and feed instead on faulty perceptions, insecurities, and fears.

Chrysoprase brings universal energy into the physical body and promotes strong connections with Divine truth and love.

Chrysoprase helps with ego issues and helps you to see how egotistical behaviors in your past have created your present situation. 

It helps you to overcome impulsive and irrational thinking and to align your ideals with your behavior.

Chrysoprase disperses judgmental thoughts and allows you to forgive and accept both yourself and others.

Wear or place chrysoprase near your Heart and Throat chakras or make it into a gem essence or elixir. 

If your jealousy seems to be raging out of control, make a healing grid with Chrysoprase in the center and Rose Quartz points facing inwards.

Repeat a positive mantra each morning and evening until you feel that things are back in balance.

5.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and is closely aligned with the Heart chakra.

It brings in feelings of peace, serenity, love, and forgiveness and helps to keep this chakra wide open at all times.

The negative vibrations caused by feelings of envy or jealousy can be dispersed and transmuted by wearing a pendant of Rose Quartz near your heart.

When you feel that envy or jealousy is causing you emotional pain take some time to sit quietly in meditation with Rose Quartz.

Then ask yourself some searching questions about the origins of your negative emotions.

Without exception, the feelings we have about others mirror the feelings we have about ourselves.

Loving and forgiving others means that we can love and forgive ourselves.

A piece of raw crystal of Rose Quartz on your desk or mantel will remind you to send love out into the world and to receive love back into your heart.

6.    Amethyst

Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is a spiritual stone with a high, fine vibration.

It helps you to transcend baser emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and fear and to choose instead to open yourself to Divine inspiration and love.

Amethyst protects your aura from negativity and will help to deflect feelings of jealousy or hostility coming to you from others.

Amethyst empowers you to seek the truth within yourself and to let go of any self-sabotaging or harmful behaviors.

An amethyst cluster placed in your home and workspace clears the air, energizes your aura, and reminds you to replace negative emotions with positive ones.

7.    Black Obsidian

Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian is a powerful energy cleanser. It is also a stone of unrelenting truth.

Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian. Its reflective, glassy surface serves as a mirror to your inmost thoughts.

To harness its healing powers, sit in meditation with this stone and take a full, truthful inventory of all that you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing in the present moment.

If there are negative or petty thoughts sitting in your aura, allow Black Obsidian to sweep them away and transmute them into love.

Crystals can help you to overcome negative emotions and to focus only on the positive, loving, and nurturing thoughts, feelings, and actions that will support you and those around you.

Whether your jealousy is connected to your material existence or to your emotional stability and safety there are crystals that will help you to live in confidence, surety, and integrity, remaining true to your own beliefs and principles.

The fear and instability caused by negative feelings, such as jealousy, envy, resentment, anger, or aggression can be transmuted and transformed if you use crystals to keep your aura clear and your energy centers balanced.

Summary: Crystals for Jealousy

Crystals for Jealousy

While it’s natural to experience jealousy from time to time, it’s important to work through these emotions in a healthy way.

These crystals possess vibrational energies that help shift our mindset in the right direction, so we can deal with any negative emotion.

  • Green Aventurine
  • Peridot
  • Green Apatite
  • Chrysoprase
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Black Obsidian

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