7 Best Crystals for Curses (Important Tips)

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Crystals for Curses

Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Jade, Pyrite, Smithsonite, and Tiger’s Eye are great crystals for curses. These crystals are used to reverse and protect against negative energies, hexes, and curses.

Curses and ill-wishing seem to have formed part of many cultures’ traditions through the ages.

In Europe, probably the most memorable instances of the effects of a belief in the effectiveness of curses were demonstrated in the Witch Trials of the Middle Ages.

There is no doubt that many innocent people, mostly women were persecuted and tortured.

Some even suffered horrendous deaths at the hands of the authorities who believed that curses and black magic were not only real but were evidence of the work of the Devil himself.

In modern times we no longer accept this superstitious outlook.

But we do retain vestiges of the fear that can arise when we believe ourselves to be the target of curses, ill wishes, and negative vibrations emanating from others.

It is safe to say that our minds are far more powerful than we know, and if we truly believe that a certain thing will happen to us, the likelihood is that it will.

There are many crystals we can call upon for protection against curses and negativity:

1.    Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful energy-amplifying stones on the planet.

It is inexpensive, easy to acquire, and abundant. No crystal collection is complete without several pieces of this remarkably versatile crystal.

It offers strong protection against negative vibrations, thought forms, and vibrations and clears the aura of blocked or stagnant energies.

Modern-day witches often cast spells for protection and manifestation and will use wands of Clear Quartz crystal to boost the vibration of the intention behind the spell.

It has to be said that Clear Quartz will also amplify negative energies if that is the intention behind its use.

But it will naturally default to clearing and dispersing negativity once the spell is completed.

Place Clear Quartz crystals all around your home, your person, and your possessions to form a shield of protection against the potentially harmful thoughts and actions of others.

2.    Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Meaning

This crystal is extremely grounding and stabilizing.

It resonates with the Base chakra and can be used to activate and energize this chakra when you are feeling anxious, uncertain, or out of touch with the world around you.

Black Tourmaline encourages a relaxed, laid-back attitude to life that allows you to take challenges in your stride.

It also helps to maintain a cheerful composure even when you are faced with difficult or malicious individuals who wish you harm.

Grid the area around your bed with Black Tourmaline when you feel the need for extra protection from the negative vibrations of others.

3.    Black Obsidian

Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian grounds spiritual forces and the soul into the physical plane.

It brings them under the influence of your conscious will so that you can manifest spiritual qualities on earth.

This property makes it a powerful ally when dealing with curses and ill-wishing.

It also helps you to reject attitudes of martyrdom or victimhood which may be blocking your progress or keeping you stuck in a place of fear or helplessness.

Wear Black Obsidian jewelry to help you regain your own power and to increase your self-control.

4.    Black Jade

Black Jade Crystal

All shades of Jade are propitious and bring good fortune, luck, and an abundance of wealth and health to those who use them for this purpose.

Black Jade is known as a guardian stone. It will protect your aura from negative energies and deflect psychic attacks.

It disperses the energies of psychic vampirism and gently removes the “hooks” left in your aura by needy or demanding people who sap your energy and seek to manipulate you for their own benefit. 

Place it at the entrance to your home, and around the windows to discourage negative entities and influences from entering your space. 

5.    Pyrite

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite has a dynamic, fiery energy and was referred to as the “firestone” by indigenous peoples across the globe in early human history.

It has a beautiful silvery-black sheen that is highly reflective and carries the power to bring up aspects of your shadow self for transmutation when you are ready to face them.

It is entirely possible to curse yourself!

Using negative language to describe yourself, or constantly telling yourself that you are not worthy, or good enough, amounts to a curse that your unconscious mind will try to fulfill.

Sit with a piece of Pyrite stone to reflect honestly on those aspects of yourself that you wish to transmute or transform.

When uncomfortable feelings come up, maintain a detached, compassionate attitude to them and ask that they be removed from your emotional body and replaced with positive thoughts forms that enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

6.    Smithsonite

Smithsonite Crystal

Smithsonite is gentle and nurturing in its action. It creates a buffer against life’s problems and brings peace, serenity, and kindness.

Smithsonite is ideal for anyone who has experienced a difficult childhood and sees this as a curse that is affecting their present-day life.

It alleviates the effects of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse and comforts and sustains those who have felt unloved or unwanted.

Smithsonite is gentle enough to be worn or carried constantly.

Its action is slow but persistent and with time it will realign your emotional and psychological bodies so that you feel more confident, happy, and resilient.

7.    Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal

Tiger’s Eye combines the healing energies of the Earth with the powerful, warming energies of the sun.

It is a versatile crystal that resonates with both the material and the spiritual aspects of our personalities.

It grounds insight and intuition down into the physical body, increases personal empowerment and releases blocked creativity.

Traditionally, Tiger’s Eye is worn as a talisman of protection against the “evil eye”.

And legend says that directing it towards the source of any attack or curse will turn the negative energies back on the giver tenfold.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Curses

Crystals for Curses

Modern-day witches and skeptics alike can benefit from the powerful protective qualities of dark-colored crystals.

Black, brown, and dark red crystals keep your Base chakra in top condition so that you are firmly anchored into the healing energies of the earth and can deal with problems in a rational, effective way.

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