7 Best Crystals for Goddess Energy (Important Tips)

Crystals for Goddess Energy

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Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Labradorite, Amethyst, Selenite, and Chrysocolla are excellent crystals for Goddess Energy. These crystals carry vibrations that help support your spiritual energy.

Goddess energy is both powerful and gentle.

It is often overlooked by the more paternalistic and male-dominated orthodox religions and faith systems and yet it is an essential part of the Divine energies that form the healing net around our planet.

Goddess energy is no more exclusive to females than God energy is to males.

We all carry the forces of Yin and Yang within our energy bodies, and perfect health is achieved only when these two are working in harmony with each other.

Yin is “female” energy and is described as being “dark, moist, passive, receptive, nurturing and cool” in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Whereas Yang energy is “light, dry, assertive, dynamic and hot or fiery” in nature.

An excess or lack of either Yin or Yang causes disturbances in both our physical and emotional bodies.

There are a wide variety of crystals to help you connect with both the Divine Feminine and with the goddess energy within.

1.    Moonstone

Moonstone Crystal meaning

Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive feminine energy and can be used to balance an excess of Yang or masculine energy within the meridians and energy body.

It has a natural connection with the moon and the cycles and rhythms of nature.

It teaches us patience and acceptance and reminds us that our lives, and energy levels, will naturally wax and wane just like the phases of the moon.

Moonstone has a strong connection with the Divine feminine and can be used in meditation to strengthen your connection with your chosen goddess.

It can also be worn as a pendant to encourage your clairvoyant gifts, or in other forms of jewelry to allow you to benefit from the healing powers of the goddess and Mother Earth.

2.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

As the stone of Unconditional love, Pink Quartz is one of the best crystals to call upon for goddess energy.

Remember that you are a goddess too, and allow your inner light to shine brightly with the help of a Rose quartz pendant.

Rose quartz resonates with your Heart chakra and brings in serenity, love, and understanding.

It also opens your Heart to giving love to the world, which in turn brings love back to you on all levels.

Divine goddess energy is enhanced by placing a candle holder of Rose Quartz, with a pink or white candle, on your altar or sacred space.

3.    Pink Calcite

Pink (Mangano) Calcite Crystal

Also known as Mangano Calcite, this delicately colored stone is a Heart crystal in contact with the Divine Feminine and the angelic realm.

Goddess energy is usually perceived as soft and gentle, which indeed it is, but the energy of the Goddess can also be fiercely protective, just as a mother is fiercely protective of her young.

Call upon the energies of the goddess to protect you and your loved ones from harm, negative vibrations, danger, and threat by wearing a crystal of Mangano Calcite as a pendant near to your heart.

Mangano Calcite brings in unconditional love and helps you to forgive both yourself and others so that all may heal.

It lifts tension and anxiety and promotes higher levels of self-love and self-confidence.

4.    Labradorite

Labradorite Crystal

The iridescent qualities of the colors found in polished Labradorite make this an extremely attractive crystal to wear as jewelry.

It is a highly spiritual stone and is excellent for use in contacting the spirit, ancestors, and the Divine Feminine.

You can use Labradorite as the anchor stone in rituals to call in the powers of the goddess in group situations or individual meditation.

Its powerful, mystical energies will help to open your Third Eye chakra and show you the path your soul must take to reach its destination on this plane.

5.    Amethyst

Amethyst Crystal Meaning

Amethyst has many protective qualities, including the ability to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from computers, microwaves, and cell phones.

It is also one of the stones most strongly associated with feminine energies and the powers of the Goddess.

Use Amethyst as a meditation aid when you want to call upon the protection and guidance offered by your chosen goddess.

You can do this by placing a piece of Amethyst on your Brow chakra, between your physical eyes, to activate and energize your Third Eye and enhance your psychic abilities.

Amethyst helps you to access your own goddess wisdom and can be worn as earrings or necklaces, or carried with you, to enhance your intuition and bring clear insight when needed.

6.    Selenite

Selenite Crystal

The high, fine vibration of Selenite is cleansing and purifying on a spiritual and physical level.

It is a delicate crystal that should be cleansed by placing it on a Clear Quartz cluster to cleanse it of any negative energies it has absorbed.

Do not place Selenite in water or cleanse with salt as this may damage its delicate surfaces.

Selenite is a crystal for contacting the Moon Goddess. Selenite points or towers work best for this.

Surround yourself with crystals of Selenite, Pink Calcite, and Rose Quartz on the night of the New Moon, and perform your chosen ritual for calling in the Moon Goddess.

This can be as simple as meditating for a few minutes on the beauties of the moon at night, or as involved as a group celebration of the Winter Solstice.

7.    Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Crystal

Chrysocolla is tranquil and sustaining.

It can help you to meditate if you find this difficult, and can be placed around the home to draw off negativity of any kind.

Chrysocolla calms the nervous system, aligns the chakras, and brings in vibrations of healing from the cosmos.

It resonates with feminine energies and is an excellent stone to wear if you want to strengthen your connection with the wisdom and support of your female ancestors.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Goddess Energy

Crystals for Goddess Energy

Crystal that connect you to goddess energy are often extremely attractive and beautiful to look at.

Surround yourself with these magical shades of pink, white, delicate blues, and the iridescent, shimmering quality of butterfly wings when you want to feel more empowered as a female in a male-dominated world.

Use them to balance an excess of Yang energy in your system and to harmonize the energies of your home.

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