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Ruby Crystal meaning

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a member of the mineral class corundum and measures 9 on the Mohs scale. It has the exact same structure and composition as Sapphire. And the red color that distinguishes Ruby from other corundum minerals is due to the presence of chromium.

Ruby is a bright, transparent stone when polished, and opaque in its raw form.

The Origin: Where Is Ruby Found?

Ruby can be found in India, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya, and Mexico.

The History & Lore of Ruby

Ruby History and Lore

There is a lot of folklore and myth surrounding Ruby and it has been honored by humans from many cultures throughout history.

Perhaps its red color has always reminded humanity of blood, our life force, and also of the red flames of life-giving fire.

Whatever the reason Ruby appears in many an ancient texts as the “king” of all stones, revered above any other gem for a variety of reasons.

According to Hindu tradition, Ruby holds a fire so hot that, when placed in a vessel of water, it will cause the liquid to boil.

The Greeks believed that the heat from a ruby would cause the wax used in seals to melt.

In Burma, now Myanmar, legends told of the protective power of rubies to keep warriors safe in battle.

The precious stone would have to be inserted into the flesh of the warrior so that he could assimilate its protective powers.

Ruby is a powerful symbol of the Sun and many cultures believed that it contained the bloodline of humanity.

Ruby also has protective powers against psychic and emotional threats as well as physical harm, according to the traditions of numerous societies from ancient history down to the Middle Ages.

Rubies have been worn as charms and amulets to ward off evil, plague, pestilence, and ill-wishing by people from the ancient world through to the Middle Ages in Europe.

It is believed to bestow upon the wearer the virtues of prudence, patience, and good sense.

It was said to banish foolish and idle thoughts and to drive away nightmares and the influence of the forces of darkness.

In common with many precious stones, ruby has acquired the reputation of providing protection against poisons and giving warning when any evil was about to befall the wearer, by becoming cloudy in appearance.   

Description of Ruby

Ruby Description

Ruby is always red! Seems obvious, but, as it shares all other characteristics with members of the mineral group corundum.

It is as well to know that a Ruby will always be red.

If you are looking to buy a Ruby you need to be wary of fakes and other red stones masquerading as Ruby. See the section below to help with this.

How to Identify Ruby

Ruby has a fair number of imitators, including colored glass, Garnets, Tourmaline, and some composite gems. 

Garnets are softer than Rubies and are usually duller in appearance.

Composite gems are real Rubies fused with glass, making the stones much larger than pure Rubies, and hence able to command higher prices.

A real Ruby glows with a vivid, deep red and shines brightly in the light.

Real gems often have tiny flaws or inclusions, which are not present in colored glass imitations.

Ruby is a very hard stone and should be able to withstand scratching from almost any substance, apart from Diamond.

Try scratching the surface of a porcelain tile, or similar object, with the Ruby. If it leaves a red mark on the tile, it is a fake.

Types of Ruby

Star Rubies share the same metaphysical properties as Ruby but have some unique properties of their own.

The star effect within the stone is caused by rutile needle inclusions within the stone, known in the trade as “silk”.

These are crystal formations but are thin and fine. They form a regular pattern with the appearance of weaving.

Star Ruby occurs in varying shades of red and pink.

The inclusion of silk means that they do not often exhibit the saturated, deep red color of Rubies.

But they are nevertheless much sought after by those who value their metaphysical properties of spiritual enlightenment.

Star Ruby is believed to dissolve trauma and lend support to those who are prone to self-harm and destructive behaviors.

Ruby Birthstone Meaning & History

Ruby Birthstone

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Dec 22 to January 20).

Capricorn is represented by the Goat, specifically the mythical sea goat.  It is an Earth sign, and its ruling planet is Saturn.

Most Capricorns are pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined. They can also be stubborn and controlling with a tendency towards pessimism.

Capricorns are incredibly hard-working and will see a task through to the end no matter what effort is involved.

This makes them excellent employees and successful businesspeople.

However, because their ruling planet is Saturn, which is all about restraint and restriction, Capricorns can sometimes appear to be remote and distant in their relations with others.

Ruby is an ideal gift as a birthstone for Capricorn because it encourages opening the Heart and expressing love and affection. 

Capricorns never give up. They are dogged and determined and take every task seriously.

Ruby is a stone of strength and courage and is ideally suited to the Capricorn mentality.  

Ruby is also a seeker stone and an aid to learning.

Capricorns may not have natural talents in a certain area, but they will learn new skills and take on board new ideas if it means they will achieve their ambitions.

In relationships, Capricorn is perhaps the most committed and loyal sign of the zodiac.

They may approach a relationship as they would a task or project, believing that they will make it work through sheer determination and hard work.

This can lead to some difficulties when it comes to personal relationships with a Capricorn, and patience is needed to coax emotional responses from them at times.

They can be overly serious in everything they do and this can cause friction if a Capricorn is paired with one of the more fun-loving, mutable signs of the zodiac.

However, a Capricorn will not let you down. They will always show up on time and they will be there through thick and thin.

A gift of Ruby can encourage a reticent Capricorn to open up about their true feelings and may help to persuade them to let go at times, relax, and have fun with friends and family.

Ruby Treatment

Ruby Treatment

How to Clean and Care for Ruby

Ruby is a robust stone, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, and as such can be safely cleaned with ordinary tap water, mild soap, and a soft brush.

As with all your jewelry, it is best not to knowingly subject your Ruby to harsh chemicals, and to take your prized pieces to a jeweler once a year for professional cleaning.

Ruby is a “seeker stone” and can be programmed or charged to help you to manifest your desires and intentions.

As a gem associated with the element of fire, Ruby loves to be placed in the rays of the sun to bring its vibrational frequency back into balance and to disperse any negativity it may have absorbed.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

Looking for the perfect Ruby need not be difficult if you are aware of the variations in color, clarity, and cut of these gems on the market.

Ruby Quality Factors


The ideal color of a good quality Ruby can best be described as vivid, dark-medium red to purplish red.

Sapphires are also corundum of course, so it is necessary to define the point at which a stone can be classified as a Pink Sapphire.

Some gem labs use a set of master stones for this purpose.

In order to define a stone as Ruby, the tone of the color should also be taken into consideration.

Tone means saturation, or the amount of red to be found in a stone.

A deep tone would be darker, almost purple, and a light tone tends more towards pink.

The trace element chromium is responsible for the red coloration of Ruby and the more of this there is present in the stone, the deeper the saturation, and the higher the value.


When it comes to clarity in Rubies, even the best quality stones are not expected to be free from inclusions.

They should, however, be “eye-clean” so that the flaws and inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

In the case of Star Rubies, the silk inclusions form part of it the essential nature of the stone, and they do not achieve the level of clarity exhibited in faceted stones.

Stat Ruby is most often cut in oval or cabochons to better reveal the patterns within.


Good quality Rubies are transparent, and they owe a lot of their aesthetic appeal to the ways in which they are cut or faceted.

The intention of the gem cutter is to maximize the color of the stone.

Rubies are pleochroic, which means that their color seems to change depending on the angle of view.

Sometimes, cutters may compromise on the light reflective quality of the stone in order to make the most of its carat weight.

Carat Weight

The price of Rubies increases as the carat weight rises. A five-carat Ruby is large enough to be a highly desirable stone for a serious gem collector.

Most commercial Rubies have an average weight of one or two carats.

A carat is the equivalent of .20 of a gram and one-hundredth of a carat is referred to as a point.

A one-carat Ruby will actually appear smaller than a one-carat Diamond. This is because Rubies have a higher specific gravity.

Ruby and Chakras

Ruby meaning

Like many red crystals, Ruby carries the frequency of the Root or Base chakra.

This chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for keeping us safe and grounded in the material world.

It also governs our spiritual energy, independence, and sense of our own value and worth.

The Base chakra is associated with our sense of self and when it is out of balance, we can feel disconnected from others and the world around us.

We can become prone to unsubstantiated fears and anxieties and feel that we are lacking the things we need to feel safe.

The energies of Ruby can be called upon to balance and harmonize the Base chakra so that we are able to see the bigger picture and feel connected, secure, and safe in our material existence.

Ruby is also a crystal for the Heart.

It has a more powerful vibration than pink or green stones, which are also very beneficial for the Heart chakra, and can be used to re-ignite your love for life.

Its passionate energy encourages you to follow your heart and find your bliss. 

Ruby Healing Properties

Ruby Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Ruby is considered to be the most beneficial crystal for healing the heart and the blood.

It strengthens the vessels of the heart and circulatory system, supports the pericardium or heart protector, and is useful in cases of poor circulation leading to cold extremities.

Ruby is also a dynamic and vital stone that can help with exhaustion, lethargy, and physical burnout.

Ruby has long been associated with physical and sexual passion.

It can help to alleviate the symptoms of impotence and frigidity, supports the female reproductive organs, and calms the symptoms of menopause or an irregular menstrual cycle.

It can help both men and women to re-ignite the fires of sexual passion.

Ruby can be used as a detoxifier for the entire body, blood, and lymphatic systems.

It can help to alleviate fevers and infections, supporting the endocrine and immune system, and stimulating the adrenals and kidneys.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby is a stone of passion and love. It allows people to share loving energy and promotes forgiveness for past hurts.

Ruby is an excellent stone for transmuting feelings of martyrdom or victimhood.

It brings courage and strength, allowing you to stand up for yourself and for those who need some support.

Ruby also promotes self-esteem and is a good crystal for self-development work when low self-esteem is an issue.

It shows the truth about a situation and helps you to see your own beauty, worth and value.

Ruby helps to alleviate feelings of insecurity about your physical appearance and is said to be particularly effective for those carrying excess weight.

The emotional causes of weight gain can include a feeling of being adrift or unconnected to the earth and the people around you.

If you carry excess weight, especially in the lower body, it may be that you can benefit from the anchoring and grounding effects of Ruby.

Metaphysical Properties

Ruby Emotional and Metaphysical Properties

Ruby is an excellent stone for energy and imparts vitality and vigor to the physical body.

It is also aligned with Heart energy and encourages you to follow your Heart and achieve your dreams.

Ruby is a stone of passion, in life, in love, and in the pursuit of creative activities.

It is also said to form a powerful shield for the aura and to protect against psychic attack and “psychological vampirism”.

Ruby stimulates the pineal gland and promotes positive dreams.

It aids with the management of negative emotions such as anger and jealousy and brings about a courageous and positive state of mind.

Ruby is a dynamic stone that some sensitive people may find overpowering or uncomfortable.

It stimulates the entire system and amplifies the body’s natural energy in the biomagnetic sheath.

This can lead to some spectacular healing results but can also be a little too much if you are feeling particularly depleted or vulnerable.

Ruby has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, allowing you to experience all forms of love at a heightened level.

It is said to deepen relationships and promote fidelity and commitment.

The vibration of Ruby is powerful and dynamic. It represents vitality and is supportive of the healthy flow of Chi throughout the body.

The warming qualities of Ruby mean that it can be used to re-ignite interest in life if you are feeling low or depressed.

Ruby is a universal symbol of love, including romantic love, self-love, and the love of the Divine.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Ruby is an effective grounding stone that promotes and facilitates the grounding of spiritual energies into the physical body.

It is an excellent form of protection against negative or hostile influences when used in meditation or psychic work.

And is often used to transmute unwanted vibrations into positive energies that benefit your spiritual development.

Use Ruby on the Base chakra when you are undertaking spiritual quests, shamanic journeys, and astral travel.

It is said to facilitate the safe return of the soul to the body after such experiences.

Ruby can also help you to understand any messages and symbols you receive during meditation.

It brings clarity of mind and heightened awareness, sharpening our powers of intuition and uncovering ancient or karmic wisdom.

How to Use Ruby

Ruby Uses

As Jewelry

Wear Ruby jewelry when you want a boost of physical energy. It is vibrant and warming and will help with stress-related exhaustion.

However, if you are sensitive to crystal energy it may be best to avoid wearing Rubies every day.

In-Home and Office

Rough-cut Ruby is more valuable than many raw crystals although you can pick up smaller chippings quite cheaply if you want to keep some in a dish near your home or place of work.

The energy of Ruby is dynamic and protective. It also stimulated creativity and imagination.

Ruby is a stone of abundance that aids in the gaining and keeping of wealth as well as passion.

Best Crystal and Gemstone Combinations with Ruby

Ruby with Apache Tear

This combination helps you to release negative thoughts and feelings.

Combining Green Tourmaline with these two is a good combination for lifting your mood and promoting joie de vivre.

Ruby with Red Spinel, Eudialyte, and Red Aventurine

Use these stones together when you want to increase your natural life force energy.

The combination is good for releasing blocked or stagnant energy from the chakras and balancing male and female energies in the subtle body.

Ruby with Rose Quartz

This pairing is excellent for matters of the Heart.

Ruby ignites passion and promotes sexual intimacy whilst Rose Quartz ensures that all parties feel safe and loved, no matter how adventurous your sensual journey is.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Ruby is a beautiful precious stone, often made into exquisite pieces of jewelry.

The deep, rich red of a good Ruby is mesmerizing. It is easy to see why the ancients believed that Ruby carried within it a piece of the sun.

Ruby is warming and invigorating. This applies to both the physical and the emotional body, making it a good support stone for those going through worrying or difficult times.

It engenders feelings of hope and optimism and helps you get back on an even keel after a stressful or traumatic time.

Ruby is also very grounding. It can help with mood swings and feelings of threat or fear.

It balances the Base chakra and connects it to the energies of the Heart so that your feelings and emotions are anchored securely into your body.

This is especially beneficial for people who spend too much time in their heads, worrying and overthinking.

Ruby reminds you to take pleasure in the bodily senses!  

Ruby has spiritual benefits for anyone interested in exploring their psychic abilities.

It can activate latent clairvoyance and clairsentience and encourage mystical visions.

Ruby has physical benefits for the blood and the heart. Its warming qualities can be good for poor circulation.

It is said to treat infections and fevers and can be beneficial for the kidneys, adrenals, and reproductive organs.


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