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Blue Topaz Crystal

What is Topaz?

Topaz is a rare silicate mineral that occurs in a wide variety of colors. It is one of the most popular colored stones and measures 8 on the Mohs scale for hardness, meaning that it can be worn safely as jewelry in many everyday situations.

It is usually found in small, polished crystals that are transparent and pointed. Larger pieces of Topaz can be obtained from specialist stores.

Topaz comes in colors ranging from golden yellow, and brown, to varying shades of blue, clear, and green.

Pink Topaz is quite rare and is more expensive than other colors.

The Origin: Where Is Topaz Found?

Topaz is mined in Mexico, the USA, India, Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

The History & Lore of Topaz

Topaz History and Lore

Topaz is named as a result of the initial confusion of the miners who originally found it, on the island of Topazios in the Red Sea.

Many stones were found on this island, including Peridot, which was confused with both Emerald and Topaz. True Topaz was never found on the island.

Topaz occurs in different colors, and each has a different myth or legend associated with it.

Yellow Topaz was believed to embody the sun’s rays by both the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians and was said to render the wearer invincible, or even invisible during the height of battle.

Imperial Topaz was named for the Russian Czars who ruled Russia during the 19th Century.

This golden yellow variety of Topaz was mined in the Urals and ownership of this rarest color of Topaz was restricted to members of the Royal Family. 

In Renaissance Europe, Topaz gems were said to avoid potent protection against witchcraft and the forces of darkness.

In India, Topaz was believed to endow the wearer of the gem with boundless beauty, intelligence, and longevity.

Description of Topaz

Topaz Description

Although not technically a precious stone, Topaz has been confused with precious gems for so many years.

It has such a unique beauty of its own, that it is a highly desirable stone for jewelry and accessories even now.

The variety of shades to be found, even in one color, is wide-ranging and there is sure to be a Topaz color that appeals to almost every taste.

Because of its popularity, some unscrupulous individuals use the more commonly available Quartz and claim that it is Topaz.

Topaz is a silicate mineral, is often faceted and cut in the same way as precious, colored stones, is transparent, and has an orthorhombic crystalline system. 

How to Identify Topaz

As mentioned above, some dealers pass off Quartz as topaz, and the colored varieties of Topaz can sometimes be imitated by colored glass.

However, there are several ways you identify a genuine Topaz.


Topaz measures 8 on the Mohs scale and when scratched onto a piece of glass, will leave a mark.

Quartz will not leave marks on glass.


One of the qualities of true Topaz is its magnetic, electrifying property and the way it remains cool to the touch.

Hence, if you hold a true Topaz in one hand, and a piece of colored glass in the other, the glass will soon become warm.

Topaz will also attract fibers and hair after being rubbed against woolen cloth.

Types of Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is probably the best-known variety of this stone, to the point that some people are unaware that it can occur in different colors.

This hue is associated with the Upper chakras of the Third Eye ad Throat and can help to improve clarity in communication, both verbally and non-verbally.

It reflects the energy of the mind and helps us to access the inner wisdom we have accumulated in this life and in lives past.

Blue topaz is a stone of peace and tranquility. It promotes self-confidence and trust in one’s own abilities.

It is ideal for meditation and for communicating with beings from other realms.

This Topaz magnifies psychic abilities and makes an excellent addition to healing and manifestation grids.

White/Silver/Clear Topaz

These colored Topazes embody the energy of spirit and enhance our perceptions of our true selves.

They work in alignment with the Crown chakra and have a high vibrational frequency that dissolves mental confusion.

Use Clear or White Topaz to remove stagnant or stuck energy from the aura and chakras.

Imperial/Golden Topaz

Golden Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz recharges you spiritually and emotionally. It also invigorates the physical body and imbues your sense of hope and optimism.

It imparts the strength needed to overcome difficulties and is especially good for conscious attunement to the energies of the Divine.

Pink Topaz

This is the rarest color in the Topaz collection and symbolizes hope.

It has a gentle, loving vibration that eases out old patterns of thought and dis-ease.

It attracts love and good fortune and is beneficial to those dealing with heartbreak, especially in a first-love situation.

Purple Topaz

This has a high spiritual vibration and promotes connections between the Heart and Crown chakras.

It helps in the relaying of intuitive wisdom to the emotional body and in manifesting insightful wisdom in a practical way.

Topaz Birthstone Meaning & History

Topaz Birthstone

Topaz is the birthstone for the month of November and for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 21).

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur archer.

This symbol combines both human and animal, and Sagittarians are totally unique amongst the signs of the zodiac.

Especially for the way they combine an animalistic joy in the pleasures of the senses with a razor-sharp intellect and a deep sense of compassion.

Topaz makes a lovely birthstone gift for Sagittarius.

It reminds them that their ability to empathize with others and their naturally warm and generous nature should be nurtured and celebrated.

The flip side to the coin of Sagittarius’ deep, soulful compassion, means that they may sometimes experience the heartbreak of being taken advantage of.

They tend to be trusting and believe that everyone is as good-natured and trustworthy as they are themselves.

Occasionally, a Sagittarius may be tempted to use their own reputation for unfailing kindness in order to take advantage of others.

The wise, altruistic vibration of Topaz serves to promote self-realization and self-control.

This reminds Sagittarius that their natural ability to spread joy and hope all around is their true strength, and there is no need to manipulate or take advantage of others. 

Topaz Treatment

Topaz Treatment

When topaz comes out of the ground it is almost always clear and can sometimes be mistaken for Diamond.

The colors of the Topaz available on sale are the result of treatment in a lab, either through heat or the inclusion of other elements.

It is important to know this because extremes of temperature may cause your Topaz to fade.

How to Clean and Care for Topaz

Topaz is a robust stone and can be safely cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Do not use chemicals or steam. It is not necessary to use salt when cleaning Topaz and this is best avoided.

To cleanse Topaz of any negative vibrations it may have absorbed from the atmosphere and from your spiritual work, pass the stones several times through the smoke from burning sweet sage.

You can also hold it under cold, clear, running water for a minute or so.

Topaz can be programmed by placing it in a grid with Clear Quartz points and with stones of your choice, depending on the intention you hold for your manifestation grid. 

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

Topaz Quality Factors

Topaz is a semi-precious stone that rivals the “big four” precious stones in popularity but costs a fraction of the price.

The quality factors of color, clarity, cut and carat weight all impact on the price you should expect to pay for a Topaz stone.


Color is the biggest factor in determining the value of Topaz.

Yellow Topaz can range from pale primrose to a deep, rich golden hue.

Blue Topaz occurs in delicate shades of light blue right through to a much deeper saturation of royal blue to purple.

Red Topaz is extremely popular and accounts for less than half of one percent of raw, facet-grade Topaz found occurring naturally.

Topaz exhibits a quality known as pleochroism, meaning that it appears to change color depending on the angle of view and the light under which it is viewed.

Many gemologists say that Yellow Topaz must show a reddish pleochroism to be categorized as Imperial Topaz. 

Some specimens of fashioned topaz show two colors quite distinctly and are called b-color Topaz.

Pink topaz is in high demand and resembles either Pink Diamond or Pink Sapphire, with the obvious advantage of being considerably lower in price than these two precious gems.  

You may come across a stone called “Sherry Topaz”.

This variety of topaz contains hints of brown/yellow/orange and resembles the color of rich sherry wine.

This type of Topaz should not be confused with Citrine or Smoky Quartz, which it can resemble in color.

Citrine and Smoky Quartz are less expensive than Topaz, so take care of these shades to ensure that you are getting the genuine article. 

Naturally occurring Topaz is usually clear and colorless.

It is extremely rare to find a strongly colored Blue Topaz, and if you do you will be expected to pay quite a high price for it.

However, do have your “natural” blue Topaz verified by a reputable dealer if you really want the authentic crystal.

Because it is relatively easy to produce deep blue Topaz stones through the application of heat treatment in a lab.


A good quality cut Topaz will be transparent and “eye-clean”, free of visible flaws and inclusions.


Topaz crystals occur in their natural state as elongated, sometimes columnar, and the cut of many fashioned gems reflects this.

They are often found in ovals, pear-shapes, and small wands to maximize the use of the natural stone.

When the rough, or raw stone has a deep saturation of color, the cutter will often choose an emerald cut to show off the color to maximum advantage.

Topaz can be cut in a wide variety of shapes, and the one you choose will depend on your personal preference.

Standard gem shapes, such as marquise, cushion, and ovals are abundant, as well as the more rare and elegant cuts with kite-shaped or triangular facets.

Carat Weight

When all other quality factors are taken into consideration the carat weight of a stone determines its price.

Topaz is inexpensive in smaller sizes. Gems that measure above 10 x 8mm will cost more.

Topaz and Chakras

Topaz Crystal Combination

Topaz is an excellent stone for clearing and balancing the chakras.

Blue Topaz activates and stimulates the Throat chakra.

It allows you to speak your truth without fear or hesitation and ensures that your communications are clear and positive.

Purple topaz can be placed over your third eye to open this chakra to your innate clairvoyant skills.

It helps you to focus on the steps you need to take next in order to fulfill your true purpose and destiny in this life.

Golden Topaz forms a protective barrier around your Solar Plexus chakra.

This area is where we hold both our bliss and our fears.

It is the root of our personal power and is responsible for the way we interact with the outside world.

When it is blocked, we can easily become fearful and anxious, seeing threats where we should be seeing opportunity and hardship where we should be seeing love and joy.

Golden Topaz gently cleanses and disperses the stagnant energies that may be restricting your Solar Plexus.

It clears the space for joy, bliss, vitality, and confidence to enter your aura and your emotional body.

Topaz Healing Properties

Topaz Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Topaz can be used on a daily basis to manifest excellent physical health.

One of its alternative names is the “gourmet stone” because of its quality of enhancing the physical senses, especially taste and smell.

It is excellent for digestive problems and addresses eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Topaz is also reputed to help with dimness of vision.

Yellow, Golden, and Imperial Topaz are said to be beneficial for recharging the physical body and overcoming exhaustion.

These colors also promote tissue regeneration and aid recovery from protracted illness.

For specific applications of Topaz in different colors see the section on Types of Topaz above.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Topaz could be described as a “sharing stone” because its vibration is one of altruism philanthropy and humanitarianism.

It promotes openness and honesty and fills you with the desire to share your inner riches and resources with fellow humans.

It is a joyful, positive stone that makes short work of negative moods or thoughts.

Metaphysical Properties

Topaz emotional and metaphysical properties

Topaz is a mellow stone with a gentle vibration. It soothes and heals wherever it is needed.

Topaz also recharges the energy systems of the body and stimulates motivation.

It promotes truth and forgiveness, highlights personal goals, and taps into inner resources.

Topaz cuts through uncertainty and doubt and encourages you to trust in the Universe so that you are happy to “be” rather than to be constantly “doing”.

Topaz has a vibrant energy that brings, generosity, joy, exuberance, and good health.

When you use a double-pointed Topaz wand you can manifest energy into matter by using affirmations and manifestation techniques.

Topaz crystals carry both a negative and a positive charge, enabling you to send out a request to the Universe which can then be received and grounded into your reality.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue Topaz is especially beneficial for your spiritual development and health.

It is aligned with the Throat chakra, which governs all aspects of communication.

When you want to communicate with the spirit your chakras need to be working in harmony so that your thoughts and words are clear, and you are receptive to hearing and receiving messages from the spirit.

Try using a piece of Blue Topaz during meditation to keep the connections and channels with the Universe open and clear.

Place the stone on your throat or over your brow if you are lying down.

Alternatively, you can hold a piece of Topaz crystal in each hand. Relax your physical body and slow your breathing.

When you are ready, allow your awareness to travel into the crystals and make your request for guidance to spirit, your guides, teachers, and angels. 

Topaz has a high vibration that is also protective, so you need not be concerned that any feelings or thoughts you have at this time will cause you harm or distress.

Sometimes, spirit chooses to communicate with us using symbols and pictures.

Ask for guidance in interpreting these signs and trust that you will receive clarity at some point during the next day or so.

How to Use Topaz

Topaz Uses

As Jewelry

Topaz can be worn as jewelry on a daily basis to allow you to access its healing and strengthening properties at all times.

As it occurs in a variety of colors, you can be sure to find the right piece for you.

In-Home and Office

Rutilated Topaz can be placed in the love and romance corner of your space to attract an abundance of love and light into your life.

If you find that you need a boost of energy during your working day, try taking just 10 minutes with a piece of clear or green Topaz to reconnect with the natural world through breathing and relaxation.

Do this outdoors if possible and allow the crystals to direct the vitality of the Universal Healing Rays to enter your mind, body, and spirit.

Best Crystal Combinations with Topaz

Topaz combines well with other stones for metaphysical and healing purposes.

Pair Clear Quartz with Blue Topaz to open and activate the Throat chakra.   

When used with Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, or Blue Lace Agate, Topaz can facilitate communication with beings from other realms and also strengthen the connection between your intuitive mind and logical thoughts and reasoning.

All forms of Topaz work well in healing grids with varieties of Quartz.

Combine Rose Quartz with Topaz for intentions concerning love, with amethyst for spiritual guidance, and with Smoky Quartz for physical healing.

Final Thoughts on Topaz

Topaz has a joyful, positive vibration that disperses negative energies and brings in feelings of hope and optimism.

It has long been associated with the ideas of opulence, luxury, and taking pleasure in the senses.

Topaz is an excellent crystal to buy for yourself, as a way of showing love for yourself and taking care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

It is symbolic of the energies of the Sun. It brings warmth and vitality to the coldest of spirits and soothes them.

Heals and revitalizes all the systems of the body.

Carry topaz with you when you want to show the world your best side.

It teaches the values of compassion and forgiveness, promotes truthfulness and fidelity, and encourages a healthy respect for oneself and others. 

Topaz has many applications for inner work and spiritual development.

It sheds light on hitherto obscure areas of your mental and emotional development and promotes a healthy level of self-respect and self-confidence.

It is an excellent crystal for students and teachers as it sharpens the intellect and clears the mind of unnecessary distractions.

It helps with problem-solving and is especially helpful for anyone involved in the creative arts.

If you are a dancer, artist, poet, painter, or writer you can call upon topaz to help you generate new, exciting ideas to express in your art.

Topaz stabilizes emotions and opens your heart so that you are capable of both giving and receiving love in equal measure.

If you want to attract more love into your life, try a manifestation exercise pairing Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz with either Pink or Clear Topaz.

Topaz cleans the aura and induces a wonderful state of deep relaxation.


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