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Andesine emotional and metaphysical properties

What is Andesine?

Andesine is a high-quality, red gemstone and is a member of the Feldspar group of crystals. It measures 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness and shares the characteristics of both alexandrite and Paraiba tourmaline in that it appears either green or red depending on the light source.

Debate is still going on as to what Andesine really is, with some claiming it is a form of labradorite, and others that it is closely related to Alexandrite.

Andesine is a gemstone that was introduced to the world in 2002, so it is tempting to call it “new”

But of course, no gem or mineral is actually new, it has just been overlooked, undiscovered or confused with another crystal!

The Origin: Where Is Andesine Found?

Andesine is found in Tibet, Bolivia, and Inner Mongolia.

The History & Lore of Andesine

Andesine History and Lore

This crystal’s name derives from the Andes, where it was believed to originate.

Because it was only recently “discovered” there are no myths and legends attached to it, as is the case with ancient gemstones.

It may well be that ancient civilizations did use Andesine and referred to it in their histories and texts by a different name.

It is remarkably similar in composition and crystal healers and therapists have therefore assigned metaphysical qualities to this stone that resemble those of Labradorite and Moonstone.

In 2008 this stone was the focus of an international scandal.

It became the official gemstone of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and products made from Andesine flooded the market.

Experts became suspicious of the amount of Andesine that was suddenly available, knowing that China was not one of the major producers of the gem.

Mineralogists examined the “Red Andesine” closely and concluded that it was in fact refined Feldspar, which China has in abundance.

The Feldspar had been saturated with a concentrated copper solution which penetrated deep into the crystals and produced a rich red color with a hint of green.

It is now sometimes referred to as the “stone of deception.”

Description of Andesine

Andesine Description

Andesine has a triclinic crystal system and is a member of the plagioclase group of Feldspar minerals.

It is composed of albite, which is sodium aluminum silicate, and anorthite. Or calcium aluminum silicate.

Andesine is believed to have originated from South America but has also been mined and exported from Tibet, Southern India, and China in smaller quantities.

It has a distinctive red hue that is caused by diffusion with traces of copper.

It also exhibits comparable properties to Alexandrite in that it appears either red or green depending on the intensity of the light source under which it is viewed.

How to Identify Andesine

Most of the Andesine on the market at present is artificially infused with copper to achieve the desired shade of red.

You will often see it described as Andesine Labradorite.

If you are looking for Andesine that has not been heat treated in a laboratory, you can try the magnification test.

Diffused Andesine almost always shows signs of inclusion under magnification.

The most common is the lamella twinning formation which may be over-extended and filled with residual flux from the heating process.

Much of the Andesine from Thailand will have a green core, with red on the outer rim.

This is the opposite of what you would expect to find in a copper-based Feldspar, which will show red at the center, with green flashes around the rim.

Another way to ascertain whether your Andesine is authentic, and not treated Labradorite, is to look at the stone under different light sources.

If the colors are not distributed uniformly and show a variety of hues and saturation, this is an indicator that the stone has been enhanced in a lab.

Types of Andesine

As mentioned above, the most common occurrence of Andesine is Andesine Labradorite.

Because the properties of Labradorite are enhanced with copper, this stone has a high, refined frequency that encourages spiritual visions and kything.

Which is the spiritual process of focusing on one’s shared connection with a loved one.

This crystal protects you during shamanic journeying and astral travel through multiple dimensions.

It also enhances your connection to your Akashic records, facilitating communication with your Mentors, Guides, Leaders, and Teachers in the Records.

Andesine Labradorite shows you how your soul is progressing on its designated path.

It is also believed to amplify the transmission of healing vibrations to the site of disease and assist in the treatment of and letting go of psychosomatic conditions.

Andesine Treatment

Andesine Treatment

The main contraindication for Andesine treatment is to avoid extremes of heat.

It is also liable to cracking, so it is best to remove Andesine jewelry before engaging in manual tasks or contact sports.

How to Clean and Care for Andesine

Andesine can be safely cleaned with clear water, or, if necessary, a little mild soap.

To charge your Andesine, and restore its vibration to optimum levels, leave the stone in the moonlight overnight.

You can also place it next to a Selenite tower or Amethyst cluster.

These crystals absorb and transmute the negative vibrations of other stones placed in their vicinity without detriment to their own frequencies and vibrations.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

When shopping for Andesine you will want to decide whether you are looking for authentic, naturally occurring Andesine or if you are happy with Andesine Labradorite that has been enhanced in a lab.

Andesine Quality Factors


Andesine is relatively low cost, so there are not many instances of fake Andesine being offered for sale as the genuine article.

It is common to refine attractive-looking specimens with a simple heat treatment that changes their color.

Andesine Labradorite can be found in shades of red to honey gold, orange, yellow, pink, and green.

Diffusion is the other common method of enhancing the color of Andesine.

Small amounts of copper are diffused into the stone to enhance the saturation of red in certain specimens.


Authentic Andesine is transparent and eye-clean.

It often exhibits labradorescence in the same way that Moonstone does and has a shimmering, fluid luminescence under different lights.

Iridescent or opaline specimens are more valuable than clear or transparent examples.


The way an Andesine stone is cut can affect its value.

The most common cut is cabochon, as the stone is quite fragile. Faceted Andesine will command higher prices.

Carat Weight

When all other quality factors are taken into consideration, the carat weight will determine the price of the stone.

Larger stones cost more per carat weight than smaller ones, although the price difference is not dramatic.

Andesine and Chakras

Andesine and Chakras

When using Andesine in chakra balancing or clearing, place a piece of the stone near the base of the spine.

This crystal has an affinity with the lower chakras and is good for grounding and earthing.

Base or Root

When your Base chakra is blocked or out of balance you may experience feelings of fear and dread, often with no apparent external cause.

The Base chakra governs our sense of safety and security in the material world.

It is also responsible for keeping us in the present moment and is an excellent chakra to work with if you are practicing mindfulness.

A blocked base chakra may lead to physical symptoms such as lower back and hip pain, or problems with the knees and feet.

Use Andesine, and other red or black crystals, to unblock this chakra and keep it clear and clean.

A healthy Base chakra leads to feelings of contentment with life in general.

It also promotes high levels of self-esteem and confidence.


It is important to clear negative or blocked energy from your sacral chakra if you want to enhance your enjoyment of your physical senses.

This center also governs our creativity and energy levels, and a blocked Sacral chakra can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and lethargy.

Bright red or orange specimens of Andesite are best for the Sacral chakra.

Allowing the vibrations of these crystals to open, activate and energize your Sacral chakra will ensure that you live life to the fullest.

It will also lift your mood, alleviate depression, and allow you to express yourself creatively.

Andesine Healing Properties

Andesine Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

As a member of the Feldspar group of minerals, Andesine has a number of physical healing properties.

It is believed to ease the pain of menstruation and to support the reproductive organs in both sexes.

Andesine is said to benefit the blood and circulatory systems, by strengthening the blood vessels and capillaries and purifying the blood.

It is a strengthening and toning crystal that supports the lungs, heart, and endocrine systems.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Mentally, Andesine helps you to regain your self-confidence following a setback or during challenging times.

It encourages you to acknowledge your own power and to celebrate your strengths, whilst at the same time allowing you to view your weaknesses or flaws with compassion and forgiveness.

In relationship problems, Andesine opens the hearts of those involved so that common ground can be reached.

This vibrant red crystal has the property of appearing in two colors, and this duality is reflected in its ability to see both sides of the argument or question.

Metaphysical Properties

Andesine emotional and metaphysical properties

The metaphysical properties of Andesine are still being explored by many healers.

It seems that Andesine is an excellent stone of protection during astral travel and shamanic rituals.

It brings in vibrations of peace and harmony during times of conflict and can be called upon to cleanse an area of the residual negative vibrations left behind after scenes of trauma.

Spiritual Healing Properties

When you use Andesine to journey through the gateway into other realms you automatically activate its protective powers.

Spiritually, this stone has a powerful vibration that makes past life regression and traveling into the Akashic Records more effective and swifter.

It brings clarity to any messages you may receive from your Akashic record and illuminates your soul’s path.

Allowing you to see the next step of your journey and the actions you will need to take in the present.

How to Use Andesine

Andesine Uses

As Jewelry

Andesine and Andesine Labradorite can be worn in jewelry pieces to allow you to access the metaphysical vibrations of protection and healing at all times.

In-Home and Office

Andesine can be placed, along with other red stones, in the wealth corner of your home or office in order to attract an abundance of money.

It also brings harmony to the parts of the home where people congregate most, such as the kitchen and dining areas.

Best Crystal Combinations with Andesine

Amazonite and Andesine

Pairing Amazonite with Andesine is great.

Both of these crystals appear to change color depending on the intensity of the light source in which they are viewed.

This duality makes them useful stones to call upon when you wish to resolve conflict without undue confrontation.

The red hues of both stones emit grounding frequencies, which keep you feeling secure and stable.

Their green aspects help to heal the Heart chakra after a painful breakup.

And both provide soothing, calming vibrations that help to alleviate feelings of grief following the loss of a loved one.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Amazonite.

Andesine and Moonstone

Moonstone occurs in colors of white, cream, yellow, blue, and green.

When you pair Andesine with the paler specimens of Moonstone you access the powers of the Divine Feminine and the influence of the Moon Goddess.

This is a powerful combination that can lead to life-changing decisions, particularly in the fields of romantic love and relationships.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Moonstone.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Andesine is attractive and unusual in appearance.

It has a high vibration and a powerful healing frequency, being one of the Feldspar group of minerals, and can be used to clear the energy body of unwanted negative vibrations.

It helps to support discernment and promotes clear decisive thinking, making it a good support stone for businesspeople and those in leadership positions.


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