13 Best Crystal Combinations for Amazonite

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Best Crystal Combinations for Amazonite

Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, and Blue Aventurine are among the best crystal combinations for Amazonite. Rose Quartz guides the wearer towards self-esteem. Sometimes, this is the main obstacle to setting boundaries, so Rose Quartz in these cases is crucial to wear or use alongside Amazonite.

Chrysocolla is gentler than Amazonite in energy. Chrysocolla helps you reconnect with joy, and pleasure, and to reconcile with receiving and not just giving.

Finally, Blue Amazonite paired with Peach Amazonite strengthens the channel formed by the Throat Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. 

The most common presentation of this stone is green. Green Amazonite provides strength for the Throat Chakra.

This means that you will be a fighter from the way you express yourself, verbally and nonverbally.

Amazonite is especially effective to help people assert themselves and set effective boundaries.

A less common but still affordable variety of Amazonite is Peach Amazonite.

Peach Amazonite gives strength to the Sacral Chakra and can help people assert themselves in the bedroom.

It can also lead people to understand their difficulties asserting themselves through making art.

13 Best Crystal Combinations for Amazonite

1. Pearl and Amazonite

2. Coral and Amazonite

3. Rose Quartz and Amazonite

4. Chrysoprase and Amazonite 

5. Chrysocolla and Amazonite

6. Hematite and Amazonite

7. Obsidian and Amazonite

8. Blue Lace Agate and Amazonite

9. Citrine and Amazonite

10. Ruby and Amazonite

11. Emerald and Amazonite

12. Pink Tourmaline and Amazonite

13. Blue Aventurine and Peach Amazonite

1. Pearl and Amazonite Combination

Pearl and Amazonite Combination

Pearl carries the information of your Lunar ancestors. These ancestors were mostly women.

Because of sociological reasons, women had trouble in the past asserting themselves and their boundaries.

Even if your Lunar ancestors weren’t downright abused, their word didn’t have the same value in a patriarchal society as men.

So they most likely struggled to set boundaries. Regardless of gender, everyone carries this ancestral wound, and it can affect us at present.

You may have trouble setting boundaries or be downright aggressive when you do.

Pearl will help you subconsciously work through ancestral blocks.

These ancestral wounds may reveal themselves to you through dreams, so it’s a great idea to keep a dream journal when using this pairing.

Amazonite will, on the other hand, start improving your ability to set boundaries faster in the present moment.

By pointing out areas where you can improve and lending your voice and heart the strength to do it.

2. Coral and Amazonite Combination

Coral and Amazonite Combination

If you struggle to set boundaries because of issues that sprung up in your childhood, Coral helps you work on your Inner Child and remember suppressed emotions.

Amazonite will help you make the connection with the healing from Coral and your current issues around setting boundaries.

Peach Amazonite in particular will help you channel the emotions you have around boundaries creatively.

You will make art until they start to make sense consciously.

Green Amazonite, however, is not to be overlooked, as it provides a lot of strength from the heart, which is needed for Inner Child healing.

3. Rose Quartz and Amazonite Combination

Rose Quartz and Amazonite Combination

It is hard to set boundaries if you don’t think of yourself as valuable enough to have them in the first place.

This may sound like it’s common sense, but it’s a real struggle for children of narcissistic parents, to mention just one example.

Rose Quartz teaches you from scratch what Divine Love is about.

The catch is that this Divine Love has to start from your own self.

Rose Quartz has a very gentle, loving energy that can gradually help you come to terms with loving yourself, as scary as it may sound.

Amazonite also provides strength to the heart and helps you use your voice to assert your needs and wants.

4. Chrysoprase and Amazonite Combination

Chrysoprase and Amazonite Combination

Amazonite and Chrysoprase have much in common, but they manage to complement each other nonetheless.

Both crystals provide strength to fight for what you love and yourself.

Chrysoprase provides the general sense of courage that is generally attributed to Aquamarine.

Amazonite helps you fight from your voice, be it to defend yourself as well as others.

5. Chrysocolla and Amazonite Combination

Chrysocolla and Amazonite Combination

Remember what it was like to enjoy life without asking for forgiveness or permission?

Without looking over your shoulder to see if others were watching and if they approved?

Remember what it was like when you saw yourself as worthy of all sorts of good things, relationships, and opportunities?

Chrysocolla helps you heal your relationship to pleasure. It can also help you come to terms with your more cyclical and receptive side.

It has been known to enhance one’s intuition and psychic abilities.

Amazonite, in turn, helps to defend the wonderful gift of vulnerability that Chrysocolla can give you over time. 

Astrologically, Amazonite corresponds to Mars.

This means that it’s a stone that pushes you to be proactive and cope with your anger in a healthy way.

It also provides you with courage. Chrysocolla, on the other hand, corresponds to the Moon.

This means that it enhances your intuition and helps you understand your own cycles and the cycles of the Universe.    

6. Hematite and Amazonite Combination

Hematite and Amazonite Combination

Besides being grounding and protective, there is something else to be said about Hematite.

People who are drawn to this crystal have a need for greater authenticity in their lives.

If you scratch Hematite with glass, its shiny silver exterior will give way to an orangey red hue.

People who are drawn to Hematite aren’t living an authentic life, and deep down, they know it.

Amazonite can be a tool on the road back to authenticity because of the fortitude and fighting energy it provides for your voice. 

7. Obsidian and Amazonite Combination

Obsidian and Amazonite Combination

Being unable to set effective boundaries may stem from something you disown – something Jung would call your shadow self.

These are parts of yourself you don’t consciously recognize as your own and project on others instead.

This can manifest as, for example, being afraid of judgment from others if you assert yourself.

But you are actually very judgmental of yourself and you aren’t able to see this.

Amazonite can give you the strength to see through the shadow work that Obsidian makes possible.

Obsidian, in turn, helps you explore what truly is the root cause for your inability to assert yourself or set boundaries.

8. Blue Lace Agate and Amazonite Combination

Blue Lace Agate and Amazonite Combination

Social anxiety or a fear of what others think can hold some people back from self-assertion.

It doesn’t have to be something as extreme as social anxiety, though. It can be a case of ordinary shyness as well.

Blue Lace Agate works immediately to calm your nervous system down.

If just the thought of asking what you need makes you uneasy, this is a pairing you should definitely consider.

9. Citrine and Amazonite Combination

Citrine and Amazonite Combination

An inability to set boundaries can stem from a Solar Plexus chakra that’s damaged, blocked, or otherwise out of harmony.

Amazonite can help you work directly on your voice while Citrine addresses any issues that are present on the Solar Plexus.

Both of these stones will give you a sense of empowerment and reconnect you with your personal power.

They are great tools when developing confidence.

10. Ruby and Amazonite Combination

Ruby and Amazonite Combination

Ruby acts like a second heart, renewing your sense of hope around your life or a certain situation.

Sometimes it is pain that pushes us into a position in which we are unable to assert ourselves.

If you need to be hopeful and have some more strength because the situation you are in is simply dreadful, combine Amazonite with Ruby.

It will keep you going and give you strength when all seems lost.

11. Emerald and Amazonite Combination

Emerald and Amazonite Combination

Learning to have a new sort of relationship with others and even with yourself can require some time to adapt to how things are now.

This is where Emerald comes in, to help you during the transition process by providing loving support and nurturing.

Every time you get upset because of someone’s reaction to your boundaries, Emerald will be there for you to comfort you and remind you of your value.

Every time you get anxious before setting a boundary, Emerald will give you calm.

12. Pink Tourmaline and Amazonite Combination

Pink Tourmaline and Amazonite Combination

An unhealthy relationship with receiving can lead to an unhealthy approach to boundaries.

Pink Tourmaline can help you in that regard. It can help you see yourself as someone who is deserving of good things.

Amazonite will, in turn, help you defend and assert yourself.

Pink Tourmaline can lead you to become more loving as well. Boundaries are just another expression of Divine Love.

Amazonite expands the effects of Pink Tourmaline so you can attract what you want without a hitch.

13. Blue Aventurine and Peach Amazonite Combination

Blue Aventurine and Peach Amazonite Combination

The Throat Chakra and the Sacral Chakra form a direct bridge.

A lot of boundaries come from the Sacral Chakra, especially those that have to do with more intimate relationships.

In a more general sense, every time we set a boundary with someone we experience joy and pleasure with, the Sacral Chakra plays some sort of role.

Peach Amazonite gives you fighting strength directly there. It also makes you more creative about how you assert yourself.

If you combine it with Blue Aventurine, which strengthens the vocal cords physically and emotionally, you strengthen the whole channel.

You can translate your capacity to assert yourself from the Sacral into words.  

How to use crystal combinations for Amazonite

Best Crystal Combinations for Amazonite

Write poetry with them in your pockets

As Green Amazonite fosters self-expression, and poetry helps you connect with your subconscious mind, it can be a fruitful activity to write it with these crystals nearby.

Peach Amazonite is also great for this purpose because it will give you creative ideas for you to work through the issue of boundaries.  

Wear them as a necklace

A short necklace made of silver integrating these pairings will work directly on your Throat Chakra, lending strength to your voice.

A longer one will give you the strength you need in your heart (this is a great idea for Ruby and Amazonite).

We suggest silver and not gold because Amazonite has an energy that is much too similar to that of gold. Silver will balance it out.   

Infuse your art supplies, music instruments or journal with their energy

We all exercise our creativity in some way, whether we do it professionally or as a hobby.

You can infuse whatever tools you use for your art with the stones by placing them once they are cleansed and recharged on top of them.

Visualize yourself in a state of flow making art while placing the stones.

You may also visualize the color orange, associated with our capacity to create.

Meditate with them outside

Meditating with these stones outside if possible is a great idea to gain some extra support from your Earth Star Chakra and the loving strength of Mother Earth.

Go to your garden or a public park. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Sit directly on the earth or on a blanket you spread on the ground beforehand.

Place the crystals where your spine begins or hold them in your hands.

Whatever you do from this point is up to you. The idea is that you become receptive to the energy of the crystals.

Whether simply visualizing or listening to guided meditations works, that’s fine.

Some people get into a receptive state for meditation by going on walks, running, or even dancing.

It’s a good idea to journal afterward, but don’t pressure yourself to do so.

Final Thoughts

There are some crystals out there that can enhance the powers of both Green and Peach Amazonite.

They can complete its effect by fostering self-love or other specific types of healing, such as Coral, which addresses Inner Child healing, or Pearl, which enhances ancestral healing.

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