9 Best Crystal Combinations for Alexandrite

Best Crystal Combinations for Alexandrite

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Ruby, Bixbite, and Morganite are among the best crystal combinations for Alexandrite. Ruby can complete the fighting strength Alexandrite gives you need even in hopeless situations. Bixbite completes the balance Alexandrite fosters by promoting emotional balance and even emotional peace.

Finally, Morganite prepares you for the hardest fight you’ll ever face – loving yourself and loving others, despite your and their faults.

Alexandrite was discovered in a mine of Emeralds in Russia. However, the miners soon discovered that this alleged Emerald changed color when you held it against a light.

It soon became a symbol of balance and good luck. It is a Solar and Yang crystal, but it promotes a balance between your Yin and Yang polarities.

In general, it encourages you to lead a more balanced life. It balances out your physical body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit.

After working long-term with Alexandrite, you will be able to see and consider multiple points of view.

You may even integrate some of the ideas or qualities of someone you once considered an enemy.

Alexandrite fosters a fighting spirit, but it does so more in the form of negotiation than brute force.

It gives you energy and vitality. It is also said to attract good luck in general, but especially during a challenge in your life.

9 Best Crystal Combinations for Alexandrite

1. Black Tourmaline and Alexandrite

2. Moonstone and Alexandrite

3. Ruby and Alexandrite

4. Rubellite and Alexandrite

5. Bixbite and Alexandrite

6. Chrysocolla and Alexandrite

7. Charoite and Alexandrite

8. Diamond and Alexandrite

9. Morganite and Alexandrite

1. Black Tourmaline and Alexandrite Combination

Black Tourmaline and Alexandrite Combination

Alexandrite, being an 8.5 on the Mohs scale, acts mainly on the spiritual plane.

Being second in hardness only to the corundum family of minerals and Diamond, it is a very high-vibrational stone that can help your soul reconcile its Yin and Yang polarities and become more balanced spiritually.

However, with crystals like these, the wearer runs the risk of getting lost in the spiritual plane and losing touch with reality.

This is where Black Tourmaline comes in.

It is deeply grounding and encourages you to connect to your immediate reality and translate what you channel into an actionable plan that is realistic to your current circumstances.

Despite balancing both the Yin and Yang principles, Alexandrite is mostly Yang and Solar in nature.

Black Tourmaline offers a Yin component that completes the perspective offered by Alexandrite.

Alexandrite offers a warrior spirit, but not one that fights using brute force but negotiation and subtleties.

But even the most skilled negotiators can become ruthless.

Black Tourmaline tempers this warrior spirit by adding an element of fertile grounds where new ideas and new perspectives can blossom.

Black Tourmaline also adds a much-needed element of protection when working with Alexandrite.

Fighting exposes you to energetic attacks, so it is important to protect yourself.

2. Moonstone and Alexandrite Combination

Moonstone and Alexandrite Combination

As it has been said before, despite promoting balance between the Yin and Yang polarities, Alexandrite is mostly Yang in nature.

You can complete its effect by adding to the mix one of the most Yin crystals out there – Moonstone.

Warriors and negotiators tend to err on the side of understanding time as linear. They may also err on the side of impatience.

Moonstone tempers this effect of Alexandrite by leading the wearer to understand that fights are cyclical, not linear.

It also leads the wearer to understand that patience and persistence are important. Everything will come in its due time.

3. Ruby and Alexandrite Combination

Ruby and Alexandrite Combination

Even the bravest warrior loses hope.

Alexandrite can awaken your warrior spirit, but, if you’re fighting for a hopeless cause, you need something to give you hope.

This is where Ruby comes in.

Ruby is a second heart that steps in when your actual heart feels there’s no reason to beat anymore, either metaphorically or literally.

St. Jude is the Patron of lost causes in Catholicism.

This pairing reminds me a bit of that saint in this sense. It will help you face a lost cause and fight anyway.

4. Rubellite and Alexandrite Combination

Rubellite and Alexandrite Combination

Rubellite is Red Tourmaline. It absorbs any excesses that may be present in your Root Chakra and may be stopping you from accessing your full life force and vitality.

It can also remove any mental, emotional, or even spiritual obstacles you may have that may be keeping you in the way of providing for yourself and your family.

It can also remove any fears you may have around your most immediate safety and security.

When combined with Alexandrite, it will purge you of everything that sucks your vitality.

You need this vitality to fight. Rubellite also balances Alexandrite out because of its Lunar polarity.

However, it also contains a bit of the energy of the Archetype of the Father.

Therefore, it pushes you to bring order, systems, and structure to your life so it doesn’t go off the rails.

5. Bixbite and Alexandrite Combination

Bixbite and Alexandrite Combination

If your emotions are your worst enemy when fighting for what you believe in, then, this pairing is for you.

Bixbite or Red Beryl quickly brings order and harmony to your emotional field.

It also gives you a boost of energy and vitality if you need that.

It does so by taking all your strong emotions and turning them into drive and passion.

It inspires you to act out of all the emotions that are destabilizing you.

The best thing, however, is that it inspires you to act from the heart.

You will act with love and compassion, even towards your bullies and detractors.

When combined with Alexandrite, it fills up your blood with love, energy, and drive.

After all, Eliphas Levi attributed the colors of Alexandrite to dark venous blood and bright red arterial blood.

Blood is our life force, and it’s needed to face all the challenges life throws our way.

In addition to this, this pairing completes the balance provided by Alexandrite by providing emotional balance and regulation to the mix. 

6. Chrysocolla and Alexandrite Combination

Chrysocolla and Alexandrite Combination

Chrysocolla is very Lunar in nature.

It teaches the wearer to be receptive to Divine wisdom, accept the cyclical nature of life, and reconnect with pleasure and joy.

What’s the point of fighting if you forget to live?

When you pair Alexandrite with Chrysocolla, you learn to understand the value of enjoying yourself while putting up a good, fair fight.

Chrysocolla will refresh you when things get tough.

7. Charoite and Alexandrite Combination

Charoite and Alexandrite Combination

Charoite realigns you with your soul’s purpose. This doesn’t only apply to your vocation.

It can also realign with a purpose that has to do with personal or ancestral healing.

It may have to do with an emotional reality you are failing to see.

Whatever Charoite realigns you with, chances are you disconnected with it because someone made you feel like you didn’t deserve that, or that it wasn’t for you.

Or the path towards it was too hard for you to bear.

This is where Alexandrite comes in. Charoite gives you the understanding, and Alexandrite makes sure there is some fight in you when you understand.

This combination of crystals is a lot like The Chariot from the Tarot in energy.

It embodies the energy of directed action towards a goal. This action isn’t too fast and isn’t too slow.

It is exactly right in movement and doesn’t waste a single ounce of energy.

8. Diamond and Alexandrite Combination

Diamond and Alexandrite Combination

Diamond will expand everything it comes into contact with.

When combined with Alexandrite, it will expand the warrior spirit to its finest degree.

As Diamond is among the crystals that are more attuned to the Divine, it will help you channel Divine wisdom during the struggles you face and mountains you climb.

This is a potent combination that can lead the wearer to move mountains.

It will immediately fill all the cells in your body and your blood and lifeline with vitality, energy, and strength.

9. Morganite and Alexandrite Combination

Morganite and Alexandrite Combination

According to Miguel Ruiz, the author of the famous book The Four Agreements, achieving mastery of love and forgiveness is a lifelong challenge.

And who said it wasn’t a battle? JaneAnn Dow.

A famous gemologist that was mostly active during the 80s in the New Age revival, says that she once visualized Archangel Michael placing flowers in the shape of swords in front of some of her patients.

She interprets this as moving away from the Archetype of the Warrior to the Archetype of someone who still fights – from love.

Alexandrite combined with Morganite can help you face the hardest battle out there: loving yourself.

Loving people. Even if they are not perfect. Even if they hurt you. Even if they leave you alone when you need them most.

This is a powerful combination that can bring in new lessons and insight during the entirety of your life.

How to use crystal combinations for Alexandrite

Best Crystal Combinations for Alexandrite

Exercise with the crystals in your pocket

Exercise fosters the part of you that feels anger and the part of you that is proactive and goes after what you want.

In astrology, we call this martial impulse. Mars is part of your birth chart and has to do with how you act, how you go after what you want, and how you feel and deal with anger.

Astrologers Liz Green and Howard Sasportas suggest that neglecting martial impulses can lead to the experience of violence from outside sources.

Mars also has to do with Jung’s Archetype of the Soldier, which Alexandrite embodies to perfection but adds a bit of The Mother as well.

Exercising with your chosen pairing will help you reconnect with your own inner warrior – your rage, your drive, your motivation.

Journal about ways to cope with your anger

Journal about ways to cope with anger while the crystals are on your lap.

This also has to do with accepting your own martial impulses in a healthy manner.

Anger is necessary and should under no circumstances be disowned or, even worse, repressed.

Make space for anger in your life – that’s one of the lessons Alexandrite and its pairings have to teach you.

The first step is to be honest with yourself and do some introspection.

With the help of your chosen pairing, ask yourself what angers you, how that anger feels in your body, and how you express said anger.

A lot of valuable insights will come from this exercise.

Make gold jewelry out of it

You have probably already caught up on the fact that both Alexandrite and most of the chosen pairings are on the pricey side.

A lot of them are also appropriate for jewelry. Read this complete guide on alexandrite rings.

Gold is the chosen metal for this because it gives an extra boost to the strength provided by the pairings.

Just remember to take the jewelry piece off a few hours before your bedtime, especially if you choose a pairing containing highly energizing crystals like Diamond.

A ring you wear on your right index finger will help you make balanced decisions that help you stand up for yourself and others.

A bracelet will take the energy of the crystals wherever it is needed immediately.

Final Thoughts

Alexandrite fosters balance and your inner warrior spirit. However, it’s better to temper it with gentler stones such as Moonstone or Morganite.

Some grounding stones will help you come up with an actionable plan, and others will make the effects of Alexandrite more potent.

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